Best VPN For Android 2018 – Compare Best Android VPN Services‎

It is time to talk about the best android vpn apps. This is something essential for the proper protection of the internet connection when using a laptop at home.

This will give you the best protection when using the single part of the internet. In case, you have in possession of an Android phone, you should always make use of vpn at the time of internet usage. The idea is the best for using vpn for androids. 

Best VPN For Android 2018 – Compare Best Android VPN Services‎

You can consider the selection option by following the recommendations. vpn is just the best solution for the android device. 

* List of vpn below are best for android 2018 devices 

  • Express VPN  :  Fast, Premium VPN
  • NordVPN         : Best Value For Money 
  • IPvanish          : Smooth, Easy and Affordable
  • VyprVPN          : Most Secure Vpn 
  • PIA VPN           : Fast Vpn 2018

It works in the manner to safeguard the internet connection.

1. Express VPN Fast, Premium VPN

  • Countries : Servers in 94 countries           
  • Pricings  : $6.67/mo
  • Logging Policy: No Logs   
  • Netflix  : Working 
  • Extensions : Chrome , Firefox & Safari 
  • Torrenting: Torrenting Allowed


EXPRESSVPN 35% DISCOUNT $99.95 Every 12 months 

This is the qualitative fast and premier VPN. The speed of the same is 83.15 Mbps out of 100 Mbps. It is the fastest provider on a test.

The clocking is more than 83 Mbps download speed on our 100 Mbps connection.

The speed that you receive from the Android phone is sure to vary based on the condition of the device, and the nature of the connectivity.

You are sure to stay confident that you will get the fastest speed with the ExpressVPN. Express VPN is expensive when compared to the other options.

However, the speed matters and you can make use of the Express VPN to the fullest. It will charge you more but it is worth the price you pay for the solution. In fact, ExpressVPN is on the hit list.

2. NordVPN – Best Value For Money 

  • Countries : Servers in 62+ countries
  • Pricings  : $3.29 /mo
  • Logging Policy: No Logs
  • Netflix  : Working 
  • Extensions : Chrome , Firefox 
  • Torrenting: Torrenting Allowed


NORDVPN 77% DISCOUNT – Special 3-year deal (77% discount, only $2.75/month ) 

Get 3 years of NordVPN for just $99! That’s 77% off.

This is the easiest, smoothest and the affordable option you can use.

The speed of the same is 74.15 Mbps out of 100 Mbps.

The VPN is the topmost contender in the vital category. However, it stands among the rest for the high reviews from the users. The app from Nord will earn the 4.4 ranking, and this is the highest you can spot in the lot.

The app comes with the one tap access to over 2000 servers in all 60 countries. The app comes with the interior adblocker and this makes it easy to browse the net with the freeness and the less usage of the data. You just have to tell NordVVP about the place of connection.

This will help you get the connectivity to the network instantly.

You are also offered seven days free trial. This will help you check out with the Android app and see whether it is likable.

In case, you have problems with NordVPN you just need to cancel the option. NordVPN comes with the extra secure Double VPN. This will help to route the traffic through both the VPNs instead of using the single passage to help you with the double encrypted data.

3. IPvanish  –  Smooth, Easy and Affordable

  • Countries : Servers in 60+ countries
  • Pricings  : $3.33 /mo
  • Logging Policy: No Logs
  • Netflix  : Working 
  • Torrenting: Torrenting Allowed

IPVANISH COUPON  :  CLICK HERE (Get up to 46% off)

This is the fastest VPN on the App Store.

When online privacy is difficult to maintain you can make the best use of IPvanish.

It helps in the proper masking of the IP address, and this can properly and probably avoid the online advertisers. Thus, there are lesser chances of identity theft. In order to keep the personal data out of the reach of the hackers, IPvanish is always the suitable solution.

It is an endless effort made by the VPN. The App perfectly works as a tunnel that will allow the surfing of the web in a secure way.

4. VyprVPN –  Most Secure Vpn 

  • Countries : Servers in 60+ countries
  • Pricings  : $5.00 /mo
  • Logging Policy: No Logs
  • Netflix  : Working 
  • Torrenting: Torrenting Allowed



This is the perfect option for the geo restrictions.

It comes with the doubtful logging policy. You can read about the same in the complete review. This one is sure to work great for the Android device.

In case, you have no worries regarding the data going viral, you can make the best use of VyprVPN. It comes with the sort of the chameleon encryption.

You can consider the same as the standard OpenVPN technology, and it helps in scrambling the metadata to make things difficult for the ISP.

This is the same case in matters of the WiFi provider, or in case of the individual who can make out that you are using the VPN. This way you can know if someone or something is blocking the VPN traffic.

5. Private Internet Access Fast Vpn 2018

  • Countries : Servers in 90+ countries
  • Pricings  : $2.91 /mo
  • Logging Policy: No Logs
  • Netflix  : Working 
  • Torrenting: Torrenting Allowed


Save 58% and get 2 years of PIA for $2.91/month

This is the most affordable VPN option you can have in possession.

It comes with the speed of 81.46 Mbps out of 100 Mbps.

You have the reason to choose PIA for the high speed. You can test the same on the PC and get sure about the speed of the connection. If you are looking for the speediest Android VPN\, you should always vote for PIA.

The App comes with the 4.0 rating in the Play Store. Most people prefer the VPN type and it is easy to understand why so.

It is famous for the easy connectivity, and the apt server recommendation. It works perfectly following the VPN rules, and it is the available solution for ad blocking. You get the suggestion to use VPN for any internet connectivity. For the same, speed is always the greater factor.

To get the best speed you can pass certain things outside the PIA VPN. In fact, it is perfect making use of the specific VPN when you want things to get processed at the fastest.

Why Use an Android VPN?

The internet traffic that you send from the phone should receive the best protection. VPN is here to help with the protective solution.

In case, you want to know things in details you should go through the complete beginner’s guide to VPN. By making use of the VPN you can stay safe in the following area.

  • You can disallow people from spying on the internet connectivity.
  • You can bypass the geo restrictions and it is important for streamlining the Netflix.
  • You can allow the torrent files with the least reprisal.
  • There is the proper security of your personal details.
  • The solution will help in protecting the online anonymity.

Apparently, you may feel that there is no reason to protect the internet traffic delivered from the phone. However, you should stay conscious as you are sending photos, texts and emails from the same.

You would surely not want someone to spy on the details. Snooping is not desirable when sending data through the phone.

However, the Electronic Frontier Foundation will recommend the usage of the VPNs in avoiding the surveillance generated by the ISP. It is the same even for the mobile data provider, and for the rest of the things.

There are several reasons for making use of the VPN. However, not all reasons are popular. A protective browsing is important for the streaming of the torrent directly from the phone. With the hoard of the security benefits, it is best making use of the VPN solution.

The VPN will act in the manner of keeping aside the third party trackers and onlookers. They are made to stay outside the connection.

Once you are able to link to the IPVanish VPN, the total online activity gets the apt protection. This is the right preventive measure against the cybercriminals, the websites and the various search engines.

Due to the working of the VPN, they are unable to track the location and do not get access to the personal data.

When you unleash the IPVanish App you can locate the city for the new IP address, and this will help you experience a free and safe internet connection.

Why We Don’t Recommend Free VPNs for Android

You should have the exact reasons of making use of a VPN. A section of the population always aspires to make use of the option for free.

For the reason, there are innumerable people in look for the best and the free VPN Android. However, it is recommended not to make use of the free VPNs. Free VPNs are not right because they come with lots of compromises.

The free VPN is not always reliable. In case, you are not paying for the usage you will not get the best score.

It is also to be noted that free VPNs are not available with the best speed. The free Android VPNs will not able to compete well with the paid options.

The paid provider will help you with the faster, and the stable connection. The free VPNs are not able to maintain the privacy factor.

The free VPN will collect your data and sell it to the third party. This is against the privacy policy of usual VPN usage. Privacy is the most important factor when making use of a VPN. If this is not the case, then it is simply annoying.

VPN app is vital for the best protection of the internet connection that you are using from a specific location. This is not something possible for the free VPN provider.

They do not have the provisions and the speed to do the needful. Thus, when making use of the free version you will not be able to achieve the best protection against internet usage.

You will also face a problem with the speed of the free VN app. Therefore, it is always best to go for the paid version.

What We Look for in Android VPNs

You have to identify the features of a great Android VPN. The qualities of all standard VPNs are the same. Something which is applicable for one is sure to be the same for the other.

The speed matters in case of all VPN options. For the same no logging is necessary, or you can go for minimum logging. All VPN apps come with solid and viable encryption for both reasons of privacy and security.

This will help in blocking the details of your internet usage. In fact, your identity as an internet user remains secret.

It is preferable for the VPNs not to have headquarters in places with strict surveillance and data retaining norms. This may happen in places like the UK, USA, and Canada. The norm is applicable in the western European countries. Certain VPNs in these places are extremely trustworthy.

The VPNs should be present in the lenient destinations. The perfect VPNs will have servers in all global destinations. This will help you operate internationally from any distinct location. You can have complete trust in the paid VPN apps.

They will act fast in protecting the sort of internet connection.

The paid VPN app is simple and it is straightforward. In fact, the app is the big plus in the real sense. You need time and patience to work out how to get online with the VPN connectivity. It is true that you make use of the VPN service on regular basis.

Regular usage of the paid VPN is not necessary. In case, you are not using the VPN regularly then your security and privacy can be at total risk. There can be leaking of data and you can feel the lack of protection. It is better for you to stay online and track the functionality of the VPN at the best.

If you want details of the VPN app you can consult the Google review section. Here you get to know what people think about the VPN services. The closer look at the options will make you feel confident about the service status of the solutions.

However, you need to take the best account of the cost of the VPN cost. The expensive option cannot fit your budget always. Thus, you try to know of the perfect options with the highest value. You can confidently act online making the best use of the VPN options and connective. This way you can stay fast and secure on the net.

The listed VPNs are fantastic options for most of the Android users. The VPNs will help in keeping the traffic private. This will help you make the most of the geo restrictions.

This will prevent the ISP from throttling the traffic. The VPNs are relatively affordable. However, things are made to happen without breaking the bank. If you have not started using the Android VPN yet, you must try the same at the earliest.


  • Express VPN  :  Fast, Premium VPN
  • NordVPN         : Best Value For Money 
  • IPvanish          : Smooth, Easy and Affordable
  • VyprVPN          : Most Secure Vpn 
  • PIA VPN           : Fast Vpn 2018

You can select the right one and start browsing instantly.