Best Vpn Service: Best Vpn 2017 | Best Vpn Finder

Best Vpn Service: Best Vpn 2017 | Best Vpn Finder

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a contemporary method which is used to provide best vpn service such as security and privacy to both private as well as public networks such as Internet and WiFi hotspots.

Most of the corporations prefer the Virtual Private Network (VPN) to protect the confidential and sensitive data. The virtual private networks allow the corporate employees to access the corporate intranet securely when they are locating outside from the office. In this secured access, no such critical data will leak out, and also no one can access the sensitive data using any of the ethical hacking techniques.

Best Vpn Service 2017

The Virtual Private Network is developed by establishing the virtual point to point connection. The point to point connection is achieved by using the dedicated connection, traffic encryption, and virtual tunneling protocols. Now a day, the data privacy augments with VPN as the initial IP address of the user is altered with one from the VPN provider.

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8.32 $ / Month

4/5 Editor Rating

  • 1,000 Servers
  • Servers in more than 94 countries
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Use 3 devices with 1 subscription
  • Unlimited speed

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6.49 $ /Month

3.5/5 Editor Rating

  • 540 Servers
  • 48 Countries
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Unlimited bandwidth
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6.67 $ /Month

3.5/5 Editor Rating

  • 70+ Global Server Locations
  • 50 Countries
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • World's Fastest VPN
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5.75$ /Month

3/5 Editor Rating

  • 540 Servers
  • 48 Countries
  • 30 Day Money Back
  • Multiple Device Supported
  • Blazing speeds
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5.75$ /Month

3.3/5 Editor Rating

  • 29 servers
  • 40 countries
  • 7 day money back guarantee
  • 5 devices connection
  • No traffic logs
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2.95$ /Month

3.3/5 Editor Rating

  • 700 Servers
  • 141 Countries
  • 7-Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • Compatible with 20+ Devices
  • 99.99% Uptime
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9.99$ /Month

3.3/5 Editor Rating

  • 934 Servers
  • 221 Countries

Expressvpn – Is This Really The World’s Best Vpn?

As everyone knows there is a rapid increase in the demand for the secure internet connection; such case has boosted the popularity of ExpressVPN around the world in a better way. Now a day a huge number of people are looking for the fast, reliable and secure VPN connection to satisfy their needs and requirements in a perfect manner. In this article, I am going to explain the details about the ExpressVPN which is the most popular provider available in the market today. Continue with this article to get more information about the ExpressVPN in a better way.

ExpressVPN is the virtual private network gets completely based on the British Virgin Islands, as it offers the unlimited bandwidth along with the top range of technology which is access to the numerous users across the world. It not only protects the user identity; this also involves in providing the best secure internet connection in a better manner for the people to satisfy the needs. It is one of the best VPN service providers by offering the affordable VPN connections which are fast, secure and reliable. First, the Ben Newman started this company by providing the VPN application for the Mac and Windows that get established in the year 2009. ExpressVPN offers the unlimited bandwidth usage for the customers over the 97 locations as well as across the 78 countries worldwide.

How Does It Work

Under this topic best vpn service, we are going to see the complete details about the ExpressVPN working in a better way to know the things. By connecting to the ExpressVPN, you can completely avoid the internet traffic and secures the online threats in a better way from the other criminals too.

The correct location of the server is observed by taking the IP addresses of the server effectively. The real IP address of the user is hidden in the way of protecting them from the online criminals.

Features Of ExpressVPN

Still, now you come to know the details about the ExpressVPN and how it works for the people in the better way. Now under this topic, you can get the details about the features does the ExpressVPN have?

  • User-friendly applications – ExpressVPN is completely user-friendly applications which are easy to use and install. This VPN provider gives the best and optimized connection for the users to connect with the ExpressVPN anytime. Just by the single click, you can enjoy the secured and complete access to the internet.
  • Excellent Customer Support – ExpressVPN gives the good customer support to their clients by 24/7, and they have the average time response of fewer than 30 minutes. The customers can connect them through the email or by live chat.
  • Multiple server locations – ExpressVPN provide the 1000 server connection across 78 countries worldwide and allow the customer to enjoy the stable service uptime.



    • Multiple Protocols
    • Multiple device platforms
    • Affordable cost
    • Risk-free subscription
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • It looks like little pricy
    • Only one day free trial is available for the smartphones
    • Sometime it may take longer time to enable the VPN

IPVanish – Don’t Buy A VPN Until You Read This!

In the United States, IPVanish is one of the top best vpn service providers with an exceptionally strong reputation. This IPVanish Company has more than 500 servers located in 60 countries across the world. Also, the IPVanish VPN Company is providing more than 40,000 different IP addresses to the customers. The main motto of the IPVanish is to fulfill the needs and requirements of the customers by offering most secure and best vpn service to the users. The IPVanish product earns good name and fame in the society as they are marketing security product that ensures online privacy. The primary intention of this company is to protect the user confidential data from the unwanted snooping, hacking and some other malicious threats. Moreover, the IPVanish can unblock the blocked websites and other online contents that are usually restricted by the geographical location.

In the privacy policy, the IPVanish company firmly states that they will never collect or log any traffic or use of its VPN service. But in other VPN service providing companies, there is no way to verify this. In my opinion, IPVanish is trustworthy.

Special About IPVanish

The IPVanish owns and operates each and every layer of its VPN service. For example, this company has its network infrastructure, software, and hardware. The IPVanish is the uber secure and private VPN network which was built from the ground up for providing high-speed VPN service and anonymity. This company uses advanced tools and popular protocols to protect the user’s confidential information, and it provides the best vpn service to the business customers. The IPVanish VPN is special in providing fast VPN feeds as well as sustained throughput speeds. This company is one of the fastest and largest growing VPN networks on the market.

Features Of IPVanish VPN

The IPVanish has extraordinary and unique features. In this section, I will explain some of the significant features.

Permits P2P

The IPVanish VPN allows the peer to peer traffic such as Bit Torrent and TOR. So the customers can easily share their confidential files over the internet.

NAT firewall protection

It offers NAT firewall protection to the customers when they are connected with the VPN service. The NAT firewall is used to prevent the malicious entities such as botnets and hackers from exploiting the mobile devices and computers of the users.

Wi-Fi hotspot protection

The public networks are not protected, so the hackers easily misuse the confidential data of the business users. Even there are many possibilities to hack the financial information also. But you are connected to the IPvanish best vpn service; your data will be protected by using the advanced techniques when you are attached to the public Wi-Fi hotspot such as airports and cafes.



  • The most significant advantages are device compatibility, supports multiple protocols, no logging, unlimited bandwidth and server switches. Also, it offers you to connect more than one device to the IPVanish VPN.
  • Some of the cons are there is no free trial, allows to connect only two devices, limited time duration to claim refunds.

VyprVPN: Best Vpn To Try 2017

VyprVPN can be termed as the heavyweight in the world of VPN providers. It gets established in the year 2009 by the golden frog company since 1994 with the goal of providing the secure, private as well as unrestricted web access to all users around the world. Now it has own and operates their teir-1 network; then it can deliver the blazing fast speeds on the direct routes to the server. It is one of the first commercial products which is publicly available and seems to be favorite among the VPN users across the globe. 

This has completely fast and secure routing made with the large group of possible server locations more than 70 countries and 200000 IP addresses. It is available for primary home devices, operating system and smartphones in a perfect way for the users. The most important thing in this VyprVPN is that it allows the three-day free trial.

How VyprVPN Works?

VyprVPN protects you from the attack of “DNS man in the middle”; where this kind of attack can block your internet access to the particular site. This attack can be made once you are connecting the internet by using the third party server. To avoid all these things VyprVPN allows your data to pass through the encrypted channel so you can avoid all DNS filtering and attacks. By using best vpn service, it is sure that you completely have the freedom to enjoy the real experience of the open internet anywhere in the world. It provides you the best and fast internet speeds compared to the other VPN services. Under this topic, you come to know the complete detail about the VyprVPN working.

The best vpn service supplies the affordable services for the customers in the world as well as the company specializes in providing the personal VPN connections through its IP addresses over the 700 servers across North America, Oceania, Asia, Europe and South America.It offers the best features for the users in a better way to satisfy the needs. VyprVPN has the unique access protocols called chameleon that scrambles the metadata by allowing you to bypass the restrictions.

Features Of VyprVPN

Still, now you come to know the full details about what is VyprVPN? Here are the certain functions that make to you to choose this thing in a better way.

  • Self Managed Servers – It completely maintains and manages its servers in perfect and better way. VyprVPN has over the 700 servers gets located in 48 countries across the world.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and server switches – VyprVPN offers the unlimited bandwidth and server switches, so it will be better to access the internet at any time and any day.
  • Device Compatibility – VyprVPN is compactable to run on the Windows, MacOS, iOS and much more. It does not support the devices like Linux, may be available in future.



  • Protects your online information
  • Restores your internet freedom
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Multiple protocols
  • Device Compatibility
  • Unlimited Server Switches
  • Keeps Logfiles
  • Limited number of devices
  • Does not support Bitcoin

Nordvpn : Great Vpn And Fantastic Attitude To Privacy

The NordVPN is the no logs VPN provider based in Panama. This unique feature alone makes the NordVPN is one of the best VPN service providers in the market.The NordVPN has numerous exciting features so that all the business customers and the individual users are using the NordVPN.

Features Of  NordVPN

The NordVPN has numerous outstanding features. Some of them are given below.

  • The NordVPN allows you to use any of the following protocols such as open VPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, and IKEv2 protocols.
  • It allows the peer to peer connection and many IP addresses that are readily available at all the time.
  • The customers can connect six devices at a time, and it has servers in 58 countries across the world.
  • Double VPN and Tor over VPN
  • Smart DNS service
  • Socks5 proxies
  • Web proxy and web proxy extension for Chrome
  • DNS servers are very useful if manually configuring the secure VPN connection.
  • China users can access the NordVPN using obfsproxy.

Some Of The Significant Features Are Explained In Detail

I recommend the open VPN protocol which is best of all other protocols. Also, you can try for IKEv2 protocol. Even though the NordVPN allows you to connect six devices at a time, the users have to choose different protocols for VPN connections if you connect devices in the same server.

The TCP and UDP are considered as the different protocols so you can connect one device to TCP and another device to UDP. The Socks5 proxy is especially useful for the downloader’s who would like to proxy their torrent files. This also benefits for the customers who want double proxy with the VPN connection for extra protection.

Smart DNS (Smart play)

The Smart DNS is the contemporary technology which allows you to geo-spoof by resolving your DNS requests at the geographical location. This technology makes it ideal to stream geo-blocked content.

Double VPN

One of the most significant features of NordVPN is Double VPN service. The NordVPN allows you to chain the VPN servers so that your confidential information is routed between two or more NordVPN servers as it travels between the user and the internet. Your data travels the path providing below.

PC – > VPN Server 1 –> VPN Server 2 –> Internet

Privacy And Security

The NordVPN is based in Panama, and it does not monitor, store and record the logs of any VPN user. Also, it does not save the connection time stamps, traffic logs and IP addresses and bandwidth usage. It uses the DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA encryption method for its open VPN connections.



  • There is no log in the NordVPN which means zero logs.
  • The NordVPN is based in Panama, so we can get 100% privacy connection. The customer’s confidential data are completely prevented from the hackers view.
  • The users can connect six devices simultaneously.
  • The NordVPN allows the peer to peer connection.
  • Also best vpn service, it has many servers which are located in 58 countries across the world.
  • IPv6 leaks are the major issue in the NordVPN.
  • The speed of the NordVPN is not constant at all the time. It is highly variable in performance.
  • Terrible support.

Private Internet Access Vpn : Best VPN Ever Found 2017

Private Internet Access VPN service gets brought by the London Trust Media Inc. values the security and privacy as in need for the prosperity and diversity. It offers the complete online security at the reasonable price, and gets launched in the year 2010; has thousands of satisfied customers around the world in the better way. This best vpn service continues to expand its wings by adding the new servers regularly and consistently as well as in improving the software. Private Internet Access VPN offers the low-cost yearly plans which attract most of the customers in a better manner. The company has the mission statement of working towards returning of the internet to be original state completely without the fear of censorship as well as the surveillance.

It gets signed to protect the users from the number of malicious online threats in including the data collection, tracking, snooping, hacking and much more. Private Internet Access VPN established by one f its co-founder of Andrew Lee. The company has the 3386 servers with the 27 server locations in 17 countries worldwide. It is entirely based on the United States and has the head office located in Grandville, Michigan. Private Internet Access VPN uses the multi-layered encryption with the innovative privacy protection method of sending and receiving the data through the tunneling system.

It has started its board of advisors exists with the primary to deal with the “digital currency-related decisions.” So in this article, I am going to explain the complete details about the Private Internet Access VPN, continue with this article to know the best features about the Private Internet Access VPN.

Best Vpn Service: Private Internet Access Vpn

The Private Internet Access VPN uses the IP cloak to disguise the user’s IP address as well as replace the thing with one of their anonymous IP addresses. Once this VPN gets installed in a perfect way on your device, it offers the multi-layered security as well as gives the best security.

It has the IP masking layer as one of its layer, which gets achieved by the tunneling a user’s internet data through the server in the right way. This allows the user to take the IP addresses of protecting their identity as well as the private tracking and monitoring in the better way.

Features Of Private Internet Access VPN

Still, now you come to know the complete details about the Private Internet Access VPN, to know the features of this VPN continue under with this topic to know the thing in a better way.

  • Multiple Device Connection – Private Internet Access VPN allows the user to connect five devices simultaneously to their VPN connection at any time
  • Unlimited bandwidth usage and reconnects – It offers the users with the unlimited bandwidth as well as to reconnect the many times between the PIA 3386+ servers around the world in better way



  • No logging of records
  • Unlimited server connects
  • Allows the multiple device connections
  • Cheaper in price
  • Device compatibility
  • No free trial
  • Has the short duration refund policy.

PureVPN: The Best Purevpn We’ve Tested

PureVPN is mainly dedicated to delivering the best online security for the users in a better way. It gets started in the year 2006 and currently operated by the GZ Systems Ltd with the headquarters in Hongkong. PureVPN has grown as one of the market leaders in the VPN industry. It has been completely working to deliver the best value for the clients in better and perfect way. The PureVPN has been spread across the 550 servers and more than 145 countries over the world.

This Best Vpn Service gives you the secured, anonymous and private better at all the times. It can be configured on a variety of platforms such as Linux, Routers, Windows phone and much more. Check the latest apps on your favorite app store to redeem the free trials and premium features.

How PureVPN Works?

PureVPN is entirely dedicated to the secure and privacy protection in the better way while using the internet. It is very easy to install in your devices to run on Mac, Android, iOS, Android and so on. All these applications enable you to connect the Best Vpn Service; through this, you can take advantage of highly secured data encryption. PureVPN allows you to connect the unlimited connect to 450+ servers worldwide in a perfect manner.

All these protocols and encryption enables you to bypass restrictions, as well as the censorship, gets implemented in your area. It has various plans and pricing for the users, where you can choose the best suits for you in a better way.

Features Of PureVPN

Here are the individual features which will be more helpful for you to choose this service in a better way and can compare the thing that meets your needs.

  • Easy use of applications – PureVPN dealers provides with the easy use of applications to connect and access to the servers by the single click. Then it offers the auto detect feature that gives you to connect the fastest available server near to you.
  • Multiple device access – Through the PureVPN you can connect up to five simultaneous devices to the service. By this feature, the entire connected device gets protected by the single PureVPN.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and server switches – it offers the unlimited server usage as well as the server switches so through that you can access all your favorite sites, movies, games and much more that you want. It has the maximum usage limit of 200 sessions per day.
  • Security – PureVPN has the robust set of features that gives the perfect security for the users in a better way that they never expect. This uses the 256-bit encryption which is the strongest one available. It gives you the complete security where sometimes the internet connection slows down slightly.



  • Privacy and Anonymity
  • Elude all restrictions
  • Ultimate internet security
  • Fast streaming access
  • 99% uptime
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Single click application
  • Multiple protocols
  • Device compatibility
  • Limited with the three days money back guarantee
  • No free trial
  • Is not compatible with the OpenVPN protocol.

HideMyAss : Best Rated Vpn 2017

When speaking about the mainstream media, the only reason for using the Virtual Private Network is to hide your online browsing activities. There are many best vpn service providers available in the market. Before choosing any of the service providers, the customer has to read the reviews of all VPN service providers. After gaining the clear idea about all VPN providers, you can use any one of them that is more comfort to use. In this article, I am going to provide sufficient information about the HideMyAss VPN and its features, advantages, disadvantages and much more information.

The interested users can read this article completely only then you can gather more information about this VPN. I am damn sure this article will help you a lot while choosing the best service provider for your device.

HideMyAss VPN

The HideMyAss is one of the best VPN service vendors and was initially founded in the year 2005. The HideMyAss was established by the company founder and CEO named Jack Cator. This company offers 1, 20,000 IP addresses to the customers and it has more than 940 servers in 190 countries across the world. At the age of 16, the Jack Cator created the free proxy server to unlock the most popular websites in his school when one of his friends complained against its internet limitations. This great passion led him to start his company named HideMyAss. This company had begun to help the people around the world. The HideMyAss grew from the free proxy service into one of the excellent VPN service providers in the world. This company offers to vary fast VPN connection to the ten million customers across the world, and currently, more than 80 employees are working in the head office located in London.

Features Of The HideMyAss

The HideMyAss provides numerous exciting features such as load balancing, multi-protocol support, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited server switches, P2P file sharing, no logging of online activity, dynamic IP address, secure IP band, allows Bitcoin payment, customer support, device compatibility, and much more. Here I will explain some of the significant features.

  • Load balancing - The load balancing feature helps you to find the server that has very less number of user connections. With this information, you can connect to the server that has less number of connections to ensure the fast connection and speed.
  • Multi-protocol support - The HideMyAss supports many popular protocols such as open VPN-TCP (128-bit encryption), L2TP (128-bit encryption), and PPTP (128-bit encryption). This VPN permits you to connect to the Open VPN-UDP to get high speed and is the more reliable connection.
  • File sharing - The HideMyAss supports the peer to peer connection without any restriction. So the users can share the torrent file without any issues.



  • Very fast servers
  • Unlimited server changing
  • Bitcoin payment possible
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Good support
  • Logs username and IP addresses
  • Most of the servers are situated in the USA
  • No real anonymity possible

VPN Security Mechanism

In the present scenario, many hackers are emerging day by day, and they are using the simple hacking techniques to intercept the sensitive data traveling via the internet. The commonly using hacking techniques are Wi-Fi spoofing and Firesheep. Almost all public and the private corporations are using VPNs for an extended period because of the 100% security provided by VPNs. The best vpn service is used to increase the privacy and security of confidential information, but they can’t make the online connection entirely nameless. To protect the private data’s, VPNs permits only the authenticated users to access the information. This technique can be attained by using most advanced tunneling protocols and encryption methods. The VPN security model provides the following features for the safety purpose.

The best vpn service provides the sender authentication, the excellent idea which is used to prevent the users who are accessing the virtual private networks in an unauthorized manner.Also, it provides message integrity which is responsible for detecting any instances of tampering with transmitted messages.

Setup process of VPN

Setting the virtual private network is a simple and easy process. The setting up process is done by entering the user name and the server address. The protocols such as Internet Protocol Security (IPsec), Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol, and PPTP are commonly used by the dominant Smartphones to configure the virtual protocol networks. All types of operating systems can quickly set up the PPTP protocol.

VPN Protocols

The VPN protocols are emerging day by day with exciting security features. Some of the secure VPN protocols are Internet Protocol security, Transport Layer Security, Datagram Transport Layer Security, Microsoft Point to Point Encryption, and Microsoft Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol.

The most commonly used protocols are described below.

  • Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)

The Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) is an outdated method to implement virtual private networks. The specification of Point to Point Tunneling Protocol was published in the year 1999 and PPTP is proposed by Microsoft. The main advantage of this PPTP is that it can be simply configured with any types of operating systems. Though the setting up method of this protocol is very simple, it doesn’t provide much security to the sensitive data.

  • Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)

Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) is an improved version of PPTP which is used by the Internet service provider to facilitate the operation of virtual private network (VPN) over the web. The L2TP is composed of two major components such as L2TP Access Concentrator (LAC) and L2TP Network Server (LNS). The LAC is the device which physically terminates the call whereas the LNS also a device which terminates and authenticates the PPP stream. Moreover, L2TP offers more features and security rather than PPTP.

​L2TP/IPsec is the way to implement two protocols together for getting more features from both protocols. The L2TP protocol is used to develop a tunnel, and the IPsec protocol is used to provide more security to the private data.

Open VPN

Open VPN is the software application which is used to employ the advanced techniques of Virtual Private Network to create the point to point connections in routed configurations as well the remote access facilities. Open VPN has the capability of traversing firewalls and the network address translators. This open VPN permits the peers to authenticate each other using the pre-shared secret key or username/password or certificates. Open VPN is the open source and freely available software application so that the users can use this best vpn service to protect their information. Moreover, this Open VPN runs on the single UDP port and also it is extremely flexible to use.

Advantages of using VPN

In the present scenario, many hackers are available to hack the sensitive and confidential data using simple hacking techniques. So people need more security for their private information while they transfer through the internet. To overcome these critical situations, VPN technology has been developed. Here I am going to provide the advantages of using the virtual private network.

  • The most considerable advantage is enhanced security. When the users are connecting their system to the internet through VPN, then your data is protected by using many contemporary encryption techniques.
  • Remote control is another added advantage. Because of this feature, VPN is used by most of the private and public sectors. Here the information can be accessed remotely.
  • If the user wants to change their IP address from another country, then it is possible. VPN will provide you the new IP address.
  • Once the VPN is created with huge capital cost, then the maintenance cost is low. Moreover, there are many free VPN service providers available across the world.

Find Best Vpn And Protect Online Privacy

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