Buffered VPN Review: Fast And Secure Buffered Vpn

The virtual private network has the new kid on the VPN industry called as the buffered VPN. The buffered vpn review is the Hungarian based VPN network that has servers in thirty-three countries. This VPN network also allows five connections simultaneously. This is the new Virtual Private Network in the VPN provider industry but it takes the huge marketplace with the help of its reliable connection. Recently, buffered VPN joined the competitive domain of the VPN providers but already it becomes more popular because it offers quality and privacy level to its client. Using the buffered with Buffered VPN, users can safely and securely hide their IP address, location, encrypt their emails as well as browse incognito. Another side, buffered VPN uses a 128-bit encryption that is less secure. However, this is one of the main reasons that buffered Virtual Private Network is faster with the standard encryption. VPN users are waiting for the advent of Live Chat facility. Apart from these issues, buffered vpn review recommends that buffered VPN is one of the most preferred VPN networks across the world. This software is simple as well as user-friendly thus making it the great one for the users who new to the VPN.

About Buffered Vpn Review

Buffered VPN is one of the fastest developing and most secure VPN services in the world. Thus, VPN allows the user to be the virtual part of an unlimited external network without any kind of physical connections. This virtual private network offers many features with excellent performance and easy to use the services. Buffered VPN is the developing company that provides the first preference for the customers. This buffered VPN offers the connection little bit faster in order to handle everything from streaming the online video to the music download. Even though this network does not offer the live chat option for the users but the network is still smaller. This buffered VPN is the more suited for the small company or the family thus it provides five connections simultaneously.

The interface is the most important things to consider when VPN comes to the user experience. VPN interface is nothing but how it is easy to use the user or client. This VPN has the custom clients for the Linux, windows, and Mac OS. This buffered VPN quite good. Other most important feature of the VPN is speed and the buffered vpn review excels in this feature. Always keep in mind that the speed of the VPN network depends only on your internet connection. The true thing about the VPN network is no matter what VPN you use but your connection suffers a little. However, the buffered know some of the d VPN exhibited excellent performance when downloading the music and streaming movie.

Another great benefit of this VPN network is the compatible i.e. it runs on all operating system. This VPN has custom software for Linux, Mac, and windows that are not all common. This has high compatible with a huge range of other platforms as well as devices. However, this VPN does not require any manual configuration. This buffered vpn review compatible with smart TV and other devices even you can access Netflix, Hulu, and other channels.

Already you know many of the Wi-Fi networks do not allow you to visit some of the websites. Even some of the countries blocked particular downloadable things providing websites. Therefore, you cannot able to visit those websites even if you want to see. However, you can find the method to release those prohibited websites one of the effective ways is VPN. One of the best virtual private network services is the buffered VPN today.

Features Of The Buffered Vpn Review

The buffered VPN allows the user to access the blocked websites because some sites prohibited some content for the specific reason. Basically, VPN unlocks those sites for you. Moreover, this VPN keeps the user anonymous and secure that hides real IP, location, protects personal as well as sensitive data, and keeps hackers away from the user. Using this VPN, you can connect up to five devices at one time but you have to download software on whatever device as your wish. That means you can connect the personal computer, smart TV, smartphone, and other devices. Even you can share your connection with your children or spouse. This allows unlimited speeds, bandwidth and server switching to provide great flexibility for the users.

This VPN server network security covers in thirty-nine countries now. The buffered VPN development team constantly adds the new server as per the customer requests. Port discovery is the most valuable as well as useful features of the buffered VPN that you cannot find anywhere else. The buffered VPN client is auto-scan and cracks firewalls that you find in the airport or hotel. Not like other VPN providers, this uses OpenVPN protocol that is the most secured protocol available today. This is more useful for the travelers for those who stay in the airport but Wi-Fi password provided only for the business class customers. VPN allows you to skip asking the password to others. Here, you can see the detailed review of the buffered VPN.

  • Multiple Connections

Multiple connections feature means a number of devices that user can connect to their VPN account. Almost every people have a PC/laptop and a mobile device so makes sure the service plan, which covers enough devices. Otherwise, people need to pay some extra fees. This VPN allows five connections for a single account. Therefore, people can use single subscription on many devices without any additional charges.

  • No Drain In Network Speed

Users use many VPN services both free and paid but all VPN services provide the same network speed. However, buffered vpn review is one of the best VPN services that provide some change in the network speed. Actually, VPN does not affect your network speed either no increase or decrease that is great. After the installation of the VPN, there are some changes in the network speed.

  • Support Multiple Platforms

Most of the VPN do not provide the multiple platform support but the buffered VPN provides that support. The user can use any other platforms like Linux, Windows, and Mac OS this VPN support all devices. Therefore, the user does not find any difficulties while using this VPN service. Badly, this VPN do not have the extension for the browser but it is a wise thing. The browser extension simply masks the traffic via the browser but the software protects the whole in and out network traffic of the personal computer. If you want to use this VPN service on your smartphone but you do not have the android app, then using the OpenVPN app you can use the VPN service. Moreover, one can install this app free from the play store and then download the configuration file. At last, import the file to the android app.

  • Privacy And Security

The United States and United Kingdom authorities not like privacy so they compelled VPN providers in order to log all the details of the users but actually, it kills the primary goal of the VPN. However, buffered VPN headquartered in Budapest, Hungary that makes the buffered vpn review VPN service more privacy. The terms and conditions of the VPN service state three things only i.e. login details, the amount of data transferred, and connection time. Moreover, these details are also erased within every thirty days. Most of you heard that VPN uses two protocols such as PPTP and L2TP but buffered VPN not use these protocols. Actually, this uses OpenVPN because it is the safest protocol compared with others. This allows more numbers of cryptographic encryption techniques so it becomes safer among all. In addition, the 128-bit encryption makes it more difficult for the trackers/hackers in order to identify and record the traffic from the VPN servers.

  • Extensive Range Of Locations

This VPN has many numbers of servers in the network so it really influences the quality of the connection. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have to choose at least one of the 50 server locations. This number of servers makes your connection faster. The buffered vpn review offers thirty-four server networks, but unexpectedly this VPN has small network although it does not affect the quality of the connection. This VPN has enough number of servers for their current customer but they planned to extend a number of servers for customer request.

  • Bandwidth

Bandwidth refers to the rate of data transfer allowed by the buffered VPN. If you have a certain limit on the bandwidth, then some kind of services may not run faster. However, this VPN provides unlimited bandwidth for the users in all of their service plans.

  • Data Logging

Data logging is a kind of practice, which stores user information such as internet browsing history. Sometimes, this practice may do by the ISP (Internet service providers) and in exceptional cases, only VPN companies do this practice. The buffered VPN is extremely clear on their service so there is no activity logging while using their VPN service. You need not worry about your activity is tracked or recorded. You can enjoy your own privacy with this VPN network.

  • Referral Programs

The referral program is not a common feature at all but it is a good feature if you have in your VPN. Actually, some of the companies reward their clients/customers with discounted or even service when the companies start the new business. Although buffered vpn review offers some of the other features in the VPN industry. Unfortunately, this VPN do not have the referral program.

  • Customer Support

If you are using the VPN for the first time, then you have many doubts about VPN. Therefore, the buffered VPN development team prepared a knowledge base with all basic information. Users can check their website or blog for more latest updated information. In case you need one-to-one customer assistance, then you can contact the customer support team using the link of the contact page present on the navigation bar. This will help you to get solution for your query soon as possible.

Additional Features Of Buffered Vpn Review

Real Time Speed Statistics

  • The buffered VPN shows both the Down speed and Up speed of the chosen servers that located in many countries with the help of its user interface application. Actually, this means users need not run a speed test in order to choose the less loaded server among all the servers. This VPN provider provides some of the data to the user that is more enough to select the servers according to its speed.

Port Discovery Feature

  • When the user restricted or prohibited to access some wifi networks or other networks, then this port discovery feature enables the user to enter into those restricted networks. Everyone knows that if you are in the airport but you are not able to access the business class internet usage password in that situation this option is more helpful for the users.

Easy To Set Up

Yes, buffered VPN is very easy and simple to set up actually it take only a few minutes to set up. Therefore, you feel the safety around your device for a long time. After the VPN download, installation process is the only thing last but the user does not find any difficulties to install it. It is more similar to the installation of the other software on your personal computer, laptop, or other devices.

NAT firewall Protection NAT firewall Protection filters all the unnecessary traffic thus it acts as the additional secure layer for the VPN users. Even though buffered VPN uses the standard encryption technique or algorithm, the firewall usage compensates that issue.

30-day Guarantees Free Trial

This VPN offers thirty days free trial for its clients and users. In order to avail this free service, user needs to satisfy the following criteria.

  • Refund must make within first thirty days.
  • The user should not exceed a hundred sessions
  • The user should not exceed data of ten GB or hundred session’s hours.
  • If the user violates any one of the above conditions, then he or she not eligible for money back guarantee.

Buffered VPN Plans And Pricing

Buffered VPN offers different advantages and the structure of pricing is same to other industry pricing. The buffered vpn review divided their pricing plan into three such as monthly plan, yearly plan, and bi-annual plan but all these plans based only on the term of service. The monthly plan is about customer should pay the little amount for every month, the annual plan is the amount paid for the one year and the bi-annual costs for two years which is paid for every six months. The biannual pricing plan offered for some purpose that is very compromising price compared to another service charge in VPN and the other reason is that billing service will execute for every six months for your convenience. These three plans designed without any restrictions on their bandwidth, multiple servers, and devices that can be accessed with entire buffered VPN service plans.

One must verify their website often even there is no additional offers like coupons or discount prices throughout the year. Using these plans and prices many of the VPN providers gained their name and position on the market. If there is any query about its plans and pricing then buffered vpn review is available to clarify the doubts and to precede the further steps regarding its plan. There are two different methods to pay in the buffered VPN so you can pay by either credit card or PayPal. One can pay for your subscription by using MasterCard, Discover, and VISA because the transactions using credit cards are very simple and it is accepted all over the world. PayPal used to pay the amount easily by using the account of PayPal by entering your first and last name. Credit cards for all the payments accessed by Braintree, which is validated by the compliant service provider.

Information On Buffered Vpn Website

The buffered website is basic and dirt free without any overload connection confusion so the planning of buffered website is good and ideal. It also does not include most of the information that offers interest a possible subscriber. The navigation bar at the top has the quick connection to support, contact pages and pricing with customer dashboard. One can download the apps of buffered VPN quickly through the link. The bottom of the website contains tutorials, social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Blog by containing more information about the company so one must read the privacy policy, end user license agreement and terms of service. The links to download the website is very easy to find in the subscriber dashboard by holding bills and contact support directly. Most of the providers of buffered VPN tend to push the upgrades and developing annoyingly.

The website of buffered VPN use Digicert’s Extended Validation Certificate and Braintree to increase the security to the site so you can get the latest layout with different information when you visit the website of buffered VPN. The buffered vpn review is helpful to download the link because many of them may comment on the process of downloading and advantages so you can see the review of it if you plan to download the website. If you scroll down the button, you will definitely find the important benefits and choose the signing up button to the VPN. The signing up process is done by using the simple way. Gone through other Private Internet Access Review and HideMyAss Review this are built for the user to enhance their skills.

You need to sign up the buffered VPN website for the subscription because there will be no available of any free plan. You must select the plan by enrolling your necessary information after the button is clicked. This is the simple process of signing up the website of buffered VPN.

Buffered VPN Security & Privacy

The company of VPN planned to increase the security and privacy level. There is no log privacy policy and TOS will make their information with necessary metadata to activate the service. The provider will keep your login information and registration according to the privacy policy of buffered VPN that maintains all sorts of data during the connection. The buffered VPN have a proper privacy policy for users because it does not keep information of users in online activity but the user’s name and address maintained for a longer time because it has the taxation laws.

Buffered VPN protect against the alteration of the information, loss, and misuse data because it controls the security measures. If your information is wrong or changes it into new then you can call the rectification of your personal data. The buffered vpn review has all these information that sent as the comment by the users so buffered VPN has to revaluate the data once again and the buffered VPN has all the rights to request data about your personal ID, which is maintained by the company. The security and privacy in the buffered VPN used to hide your ID address and place where you are staying using the IPs that is shared and it has a controlling data encryption.

The buffered VPN maintains the data safely and secures the Wi-Fi hotspots to public. It supports the OpenVPN protocol on their service due to the reason that it will secure it safely when compared to PPTP or L2TP/IPSec so it is flexible protocol to support most of the devices in the platform of VPN. The service of buffered VPN carries OpenVPN on some of the devices such as Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux. It uses the blowfish CBC to encrypt the data during the connection and the encryption in the transaction of Internet secured.

Buffered VPN Review

Buffered VPN have good names and reputation among their users and buffered vpn review are more important process and steps so that one can view the problems of installing, speed, performance, and so on from Buffered VPN Company. There is bigger network available all over the world so most of the users use the network for their purpose.

Network Of Buffered VPN

The buffered VPN provides servers across the world and the providers are available in many countries with high speed. The user experience is good because buffered vpn review VPN offers unlimited bandwidth and speed. There are servers available in important continents except for South America and Africa.

In Asia

  • India
  • Israel
  • Korea
  • Russian Federation
  • Singapore

In Europe

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • ​Liechtenstein
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom

In North America

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • United States

In Oceania

  • Australia

The buffered VPN have servers in Italy, India, and Spain, which are in close nearness, but it has no servers in Africa. One can see the high-speed servers using the Buffered VPN, which can achieve, from any place with the help of Internet access. It helps their users by sharing the network using IP address. One and only protocol supported by the VPN service through connection is OpenVPN that used to make the connection easy and quickly to access and service. Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X users will make use of the buffered VPN to provide clients but iOS and Android users must install the OpenVPN from their play store and the download the same protocol to provide their clients with the dashboard of the buffered VPN website. It is very helpful to travelers by allowing you to use the network without using a password. It works really well by looking forward to buffered vpn review whenever it is used to you for accessing. There is also one impressive feature of buffered VPN network is that the users of VPN can look forward to adding the servers universally.

Buffered VPN Installation

Buffered has a client for Mac and Windows so the devices are supported by the provider with other operating systems. The process of installation is simple but many of the users think that the installation process is huge and difficult. At the left corner of the page, you will find the register button but its function of the site will remain as secret. Now, you can register and buy a package of VPN. There are different setting options that you can make use of for further process. Select the port and replace TCP on UDP so it is more dependable but it will lead to slow down the speed. You came to activation process so the active buffered VPN clients have different ways.

The process of signing up for windows using Buffered VPN client is also simple. You have to fill your username, password, and payment by using two options such as PayPal and Credit card then download it by following the instructions in your setup email after registering. The buffered vpn review app for Windows designed to make them feel better with some providers and you can use the options for auto-login and auto-connect. This process is accurate in its time speed statistics to run the external speed tests.

Buffered VPN Support

The buffered VPN provider has skills to clarify your doubts by arranging tutorials, and some other steps. It provides customer support by two different ways such as a FAQ section and an email ticketing system. You can find information on its blog about its latest news and details by seeing the buffered vpn review. There is an option for customer support designed by the company in the social media network such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook as well as through email. The website of buffered VPN itself contains necessary details like service, features, prices and setup process etc. The support teams will always help you to solve the problems so you can call the support center using the service offered by the company at any time. Live chat is also available to the users so you can make use of this to enquire about the details and query directly. The FAQ is useful to ask the basic queries that contain common error, connectivity, logging and setup error, payment problems and so on, so this is a good idea to solve your problem. There is also an opportunity to test the ticket based support by buffered vpn review and maintains to take few minutes to the response from the support team.

Pros & Cons

One of the young providers is buffered VPN which has both advantages and disadvantages. There are many benefits in buffered VPN but at the same time, there is also some drawbacks using it. The buffered VPN started and company running it services for their customer with more benefits so compare the services and offers with other VPN services in the industry then there will be clear information about its positives and negatives.



  • One can share the files with others by using the service
  • There are five links using the service for your account
  • It uses latest encryption process protocols with possible keys.
  • The service is flexible with different devices
  • There is no logging policy
  • It provides guarantee for returning the money within thirty days
  • The service offers three major tunneling protocols
  • There is also useful port for scanning feature
  • Servers in major countries
  • Good customer care service and support
  • Average speed with better performance
  • Pricing plans are expensive than other services in VPN
  • Not in good consistent for its performance at all times
  • Only two methods of payment
  • Not reliable in its security protocol
  • Does not offer free trial
  • There is no proprietary software for mobiles
  • There are no custom apps for other devices except Windows and Mac


It based on speed tests in its quality that the servers could use it. The network covers most of the countries all over the world so that user can access their network at any time. One can use IP address to share the files and information with great security. Buffered VPN needs to improve something to become more popular among people. VPN can increase latest tunneling protocols for better security needs, and increase the payment methods to help subscribers. However, the features of buffered VPN are very good which includes the Windows App, local DNS servers, streaming speed and better quality performance and email tech support. The service offered unlimited bandwidth, unlimited speed, server switching and reconnects facility. They can also manage the Netflix, BBC, Hulu crackdowns, iPlayer on VPNs so this is some points to consider about the positives of buffered VPN.