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Hide my ass is the best platform to make the connection in safe. The hide my ass is one of the VPN services to make the details of the network to be hidden. This VPN service is to be headquartered in the UK. Hide my ass (HMA) is popular in UK countries to provide a data retention. It does not show the IP address or website that you connect to your server. Hidemyass review offers privacy oriented features to the client and makes to reduce the issues of the users. The system use with the hide my ass software anyone can able to view or track your details of IP address or other. The HMA software is the handful to top notch and now it received the highest number of viewers and the rating of the application also increases. This provides a customer service, multiple server locations and knocks the negative usage from the server side.

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The hide my ass software is used to protect sudden drop down a speed of the network. The hidemyass review is easy to view the details of the HMA service. This is used to make connection and disconnection at any time, used with the bandwidth usage and duration. Today most of the customers are buy the VPN service to make secure their information and offer most comprehensive for choosing the server from any location and this HMA service is provided over 190 countries. 

The HMA service has a number of endpoints and used in most of the places in the world. It provides the different experience and helpful information for using the HMA.

About HMA (Hide My Ass)

The hide my ass provides a different IP address for users and open VPN service. The hidemyass review has many features and benefits when using the application in your device. It provides to give essential information about the privacy and policy higher than the other application. The company has to provide the VPN service for many years and servicing people all over the world. This app helps to offer security, privacy, and other services to the user in efficient. The pricing and plans give to choose the best software and the payment information. Provide a free trial to submit the payment information. The user can access more than two connections in the single software and keep track of user disconnection time and duration of the connection. The features of the HMA offer to attain the connection to be secure from many devices which the user needs to access on their system. Free service options also available in this such as the extension for chrome, proxy and Firefox and IP checker.

The hide my ass VPN support the best quality to the users and they make testing to check the software process. It provides security to the user to use the connection without any issues. In the hidemyass review, it offers how to download the software in a secure way. The VPN is used to request the internet to a server to respond the information, which shows on the screen. The hide may ass software help to updates the installation guide and security tips. This makes the profiles to be posting regularly and connect more followers. The installation processes are easy to install in your system and download easily to any kind of OS.​

This provides a high speed and to process the software in any location. HMA reduces the trouble of the connecting the device to multiple servers. Helpful to get more knowledge based on encryption and make to respond server on the time.

Features Of The HideMyAss VPN

HideMyAss is one of the few virtual private networks in the United Kingdom. In 2005, HideMyAss started as the free proxy service that grown now and becomes one of the largest VPN providers around the world. Badly, one of the black marks on this VPN service is that this service based in the United Kingdom. Hence, it is mandatory to log user details and browsing information. This hidemyass review VPN provider operates under the Privax Ltd and it is the United Kingdom based company. This company deals with the AVG technologies that provide security software for more than two millions of active users. Moreover, the Avast software acquires AVG technology recently. This means HideMyAss has another change in the ownership. This VPN provider reaches this top notch because of its largest network service.

HideMyAss has the largest network of other VPN providers because of its immense popularity. This hidemyass review has more than nine hundred and forty servers as well as one lakh and twenty thousand IP addresses in three hundred and fifty locations across the globe. The only disappointment of the users about HideMyAss is that it offers only two connections at a time. This is slightly lower when compared with the other VPN services. IPVanish allows users to connect up to five connections while ExpressVPN allows up to three simultaneous connections. The HideMyAss stand in the competition with other VPN providers by offering many free services to the users that it takes more advantage. Users can download Firefox and chrome extensions that include IP checker, web proxy, and panic button services. Here are some of the best features offered by the HideMyAss VPN.

  • Browse from anywhere

The main function of the HideMyAss VPN is providing the privacy for the users. However, the user sometimes notices that this video prohibited for your country or you prohibited visiting this website. This is the huge disadvantages of this VPN service. Then, VPN service should cover the actual location of the user and impose the false data over the connection in order to fool the tracer or detector. VPN servers do not use the single server for a long time and it makes some regular changes so that tracking is not possible. HideMyAss achieve this because of its diverse options.

  • No compromise in speed

Over the ordinary connection, this VPN provides the additional security layer that puts more load on the network thus result in the huge speed drop. Many of the VPN users faced these issues even if you use single service. Most VPN providers compromise in the speed because of providing more security. However, hidemyass review VPN does not compromise in speed even they provide additional security layer. This layer does not affect the speed of the network.

  • Support multiple platform

Every VPN users want to pick the service to secure their connection that provides multiple platform support because users have the variety of devices. HideMyAss provides multiple platform support for all kinds of devices. This VPN supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. Even this works well on both iPhone and Smartphone. Users should not face the compatibility issue if you select this VPN service. Users even set up the router with the VPN but it should need some technical knowledge to configure the settings. Once the router set up then you need not launch VPN on each device that you use. This acts as a guard for the HideMyAss.

  • Use VPN on multiple devices

Users may want to use the VPN service both on computer and mobile even tablet too. Security is the main problem to use the VPN service on all devices. The best solution for this issue is choosing the VPN provider who provides simultaneous use on different devices. Most of the providers do not provide this service only a few of them provide the access of using multiple devices. The hidemyass review allows you to use VPN services on another device without log out from the device that you use. With the help of the proper app, you can enable VPN service and surf the prohibited websites without making any doubt for anyone to track you. Through different servers, this VPN supports two simultaneous connections.

  • IP address switching

Using the IP address only cyber security team locates the users because it is the leaking medium. Cyber security follows your IP address, track your location, and even unleash your identity. If they get wrong IP address then it is difficult to finding you. The only solution to this issue is changing the IP address frequently so it is difficult to find the location. Hence, hidemyass review provide this unique feature for their users to provide more security. HideMyAss changes the IP address of the users regularly so that no one gets the real IP address.

  • Support multiple network protocol

HideMyAss VPN services use different kinds of network protocol to connect to the internet. Some VPN providers compel the users to use their recommendations while others provide multiple options. HideMyAss is the second category that provides multiple security protocols to the users such as PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN-UDP, and OpenVPN-TCP. Users can select one of these protocols of their own choice.

  • Best customer support

The best customer support is mandatory for every VPN service provider. HideMyAss provides the best customer support for all its users. However, users only get twelve hours of live chat support in a day. Not all the time users like one-to-one assistance so hidemyass review has the knowledgebase on their blog or website, which describes all the information about VPN service. Even they widen their customer support through community forum, email, FOQ, and social media. Users can use this service to get help from the customer support.

  • 30 days money back guarantee

While hearing the HideMyAss service first time, many of you do not want to take the risk by spending money on the unfamiliar product. Hence, they provide the 30 days money back guarantee for the users. In that, users can use VPN service with certain conditions if the users violate those conditions then refund is not available. If the user satisfies with the service then continue the VPN service otherwise not.

Website In HideMyAss Review

This website design in a good manner for the user satisfaction and also contains different section of the services. This website is useful for the user to access many things in the site. The user can also access the referral system and business option from the open page of the website.

The blog regularly update and provide some useful tips to the user. In the hidemyass review website, the user can get the installation guides of the virtual private network. The website is regularly updated with the useful information about the type of service provided to the user. The user can search the things related to the service provider and others in the website. The website is useful for the reader to search many things in the virtual private network and the services provided to the user.

Customer Support

The hidemyass is the reliable service provider of the virtual private network. The hidemyass service provider VPN provides the choice for the support like the live chat and e-mail. The user can be benefitted from this services and also serve many things for the user convenience. There is also the telephone support option available in the hidemyass service. It is the good one for the user to get the details of the service and installation procedure of the virtual private network in a simple manner. It also facilitates many things like the service and connection guidelines of the virtual private network. The live chat facility is available only in the United States hours. The user can also refer the hidemyass review in the online site and choose the reliable service provide for the virtual private network connection. The user can get the better quality of the hidemyass support and the user can conduct the quick live chat to the service provide and get the quick service option. The user can also refer the frequently asked question and knowledgebase section to recover the common virtual private network errors. This is so useful for the user to clear their doubt and recover the connection problem quickly.

HideMyAss Review

The hidemyass is the excellent website that the user can easily navigate the things present in the website. This website is very useful for the users to take various types of services of the virtual private network. The website provides excellent services to the user to find the services that is suitable for their needs and requirements of the network connection.

Security And Privacy Of HideMyAss Vpn

There are four protocols used for the virtual private network and the users have to option to choose the right one. The Openvpn is the default protocol and the user can be changed according to their needs and requirement of the connection. Due to the high-level security standards used by the service, the user can share the information to the user in reliable manner. The user bank account details, sign in information, credit card details and lot more remain protected with the help of the virtual private network connection used by the user. The service even allows the user to choose the type of encryption standard for the connection. The user wants to use secure virtual private network experience. The encryption standard for this type of system uses the two fifty-six bit with the private key cryptosystem for the security purpose. The virtual private network user without any intervention of the third party only handles the data and information of the user.

Signup Process

The user must visit official site of the hidemyass and get the clear details signup process of the virtual private network. The signup process is important one for the user and gets the quick process to complete signup. It is quietly requires an email and payment details of the user in order to get the reliable service of the provider. First, the user must download the software to their device and the software automatically starts installing the user device. The user follows the prompts of the signup process until it is completed. The user can see the hidemyass review to get the clear details of the signup procedure. Once the installation is completed, the user can use the HMA. The virtual private network is using the icon on their desktop or menu. It adds some additional privacy to the user at the time of signup.

The hidemyass service is the pretty quite than compare to the type of service provided by other service provider. The user is easy to use the service and comes with the variety of options for connecting to the servers. The location is the best option for the user and allows the user to choose the server from the HMA list.

Plans And Pricing

There are three pricing available with plans that offered by hidemyass. The three plans regarding pricing are one-month plan, six months and twelve-month plan. First, one-month plan designed to pay the money per month, which a bit high when compared to other plans. Twelve-month planning is about paying the month for every year while the other plan pays the amount for every six months in a year, which means twice the amount per year. The different payment method offers various advantages. Different types of payment methods are credit cards, wire transfer, Union Pay, Diner’s Club, PayPal, e-check or Cash. One can also use the gift cards from any stores like GameStop and by using these payments methods may feel you better to pay the amount. These plans and payment methods planned by applying certain rules to help their customer by offering unlimited bandwidth, devices, more than one server and so on for whole hidemyass review plans in their pricing way. A credit card is used to make the payments because it is used overall the world which is offered by the bank for the customer who needs them to paying the amount in a simple way. Gone through other Buffered VPN Review and Private Internet Access Review this are built for the user to enhance their skills.

Installation And Initial Configuration

Hidemyass is the popular provider of VPN service that offers servers in most of the locations to gain their popularity. There are some steps to install the hidemyass and the steps given below to guide you through the installation of the software.

  • First and foremost thing is that you must visit the website called hidemyass.com from your Brower then you can see the web page opened on your screen which is used to follow the further steps in the process of installation. The website provides you the information about hidemyass such as its outlook of features, help, pricing, tools & contact, process to sign in, and working of VPN on the screen. You can also see a hidemyass review to know about the information and its benefits from the users.
  • At the end of the navigation bar, you can see Join Now that is next to Sign in. If you select that then it will help you to know about the pricing plans so now press Join Now button to see the pricing and plans of hidemyass. Pricing and plans may have about their pricing amount from starting to end process.
  • Now, you are on the page of pricing and plans. The planning contains some plans in their amount such as one-month plan, smart-ass, and half-ass plans. The yearly plan is the cheapest to pay the amount for twelve months. If you need for the short period in the service then one-month plans and the half-ass plan is a good choice.
  • After selecting your plan then enter your email id for reference and go to the payment methods so you have to pay now through PayPal, wire transfer or cards based on your selection.
  • After the payment methods, you have to enroll your account details, and password then you can log into the dashboard of HMA.
  • If you are a member of hidemyass then go to the homepage. In the homepage, you have seen the seen the sign in button, which is next to the Just, Now button.
  • Click on Sign in button to become a member of the website.
  • After signing in, you have to enter your username and password. Enter the sign-in button to complete the step.
  • Now in your account scroll down the homepage to select software and help button
  • Here you can see the entire version so you can choose any of the software versions.
  • Download the selected software version and locate the directory and install
  • In the installation process, you may find the notification that you want to install the software or not from Windows security so click the install button.
  • Select Start Application after the completion of installation and click finish so you can see the interface page to open and start.
  • With the login form application, you will get the interface after the initial animation.
  • In login page, enter your username and password then click the enter button
  • Now you successfully installed the app and you have to ready to use the tools of VPN on your desktop.

Steps To Establish Hidemyass Vpn Connection

The next step after installation and configuration is that in the hidemyass review you have to establish the VPN connection. There are three modes to establish the connection of VPN.

  • Instant mode
  • Location mode
  • Freedom mode
  • Instant Mode

  • Location Mode

  • Freedom Mode

  • The easiest and fastest method to establish the VPN connection is an instant mode, which may require only a few minutes to establish.
  • The page will open by displaying these three modes to select so you have to choose the Instant mode with the disconnected label.
  • Once you selected the mode then it will start to search the connection which is near to your place quickly
  • It will find the nearest connection to your place whether it may be Chennai, Mumbai, Bangladesh etc.
  • It will connect the VPN from your place to connect place using the instant mode in the fast method.
  • Turbo mode has the best feature that used to find the nearest connection by a single click from your place by you.
  • If the mode finds the connection of another place then searching and establishment process done.
  • Now you established the VPN connection to hidemyass by using instant mode

Other Services Of Hidemyass Vpn

The hide my ass differs from the free service which you use in websites.

Hide My Ass free proxy service:

It makes to connect you to the country, which you choose and make to visit the website. It allows the people to browse particular websites for a free proxy is limited.

HideMy Ass anonymous email service:

It makes to create an email account in free and hide the email address when signing up the services. The user can also set the email address to be auto delete after certain period. If the user wants to access a service they need to enter the account name, password, email and it expires in the month to create an account.

Hide My Ass anonymous link referrer service:

This service provides the user to create a new link, which would be untraceable by others. It will display the coding is anyone like to know your link.

How To Use Hidemyass In Iphone

Majority of the people today use the proxy services on their computer and can user for the Smartphones and tablets. The hidemyass virtual private network services can use in the iPhone. The user can search the hidemyass review and get several methods configuring the devices able to use the proxy services for the purpose of the browsing needs. The user needs a virtual private network provider for start using the proxies like the hidemyass on the iPhone and other devices. The essential virtual private network service is hidemyass and it provides enough number of services for the user satisfaction.

The hidemyass is simply indeed of the virtual private network proxy service and this is also called as a web proxy service. This type of think allows the user to use internet anonymously and easy to carry the internet activities. The virtual private network provides high level of encryption that compare to the web proxy. The user is having determined to use hidemyass on the iPhone for its customer satisfaction and ease of use.​

The user needs to choose the best method and to configure their iPhone with the help of the hidemyass service provider. There are some methods allow configuration with the less manipulation of the original software present in the iPhone and get the device warranty.



  • Hide my ass not have any limitation of the bandwidth.
  • Make the client use the application in their convenient way.
  • It offers fast upload and downloads connection service.
  • With the usage of the HMA, the user can connect a number of servers at the same time.
  • It gives attentive support and switching the network unlimited between the servers.
  • The HMA software does not support IPv6 and not offer the faster server in the application.
  • It does not keep any download or upload data and makes to log the connection in a certain time.
  • The management and server are located in the USA.
  • It provides the only license for subscription and no free version, blocking.


As seen in the hidemyass review, you never find this provider in the world. It is one of the biggest VPN provider and easy to use the application and website. This service provides seven days free trail and affordable plans to the users and secures the account when signing up. They correct the last year review and provide additional free services. They also now make monthly plans for this service and help the individuals to use the online activities in a safe way. They offer more facilities to view the privacy and lacking advanced features in this service. It is based in the UK and bad track files of privacy, now this company to overcome this issue in the VPN service. They hope to correct their all issues in the present review and gives extreme service for upcoming years.