IPVanish Review 2017- Don’t Buy A VPN Until You Read This!

Before starting to discuss the IPVanish review, I am going to provide some accurate information about the VPN, VPN protocols, etc. The VPN system has various advanced elements which are used to provide security to both the company’s network as well as the remote user’s network. If a particular website is blocked in your country, you can easily change your IP address through VPN and start using the site. This is also one of the useful features in VPN.

IPVanish Review: Virtual Private Network

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a modern technology which is used to create an encrypted connection over the network having less security. In other words, the VPN is emerged to provide more secure and encrypted tunnel from which the data transmission takes place between the remote user and the company’s network. 

The data or information is being transmitted through the encrypted tunnel so nobody can hack and read the confidential information.

VPN Protocols And Its Type

There are three primary protocols used in VPN tunnels to provide security and privacy to the data or files.

  • Internet Protocol Security (IP Sec)

The Internet Protocol Security is the set of rules build by IETF. This protocol is used to support the secure transmission of packets in the IP layer. The IP Sec supports two encryption modes such as transport mode and tunnel mode.

  • Point To Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)

The PPTP protocol is the commonly used protocol, and it implements only the security. This protocol provides lower encryption to the confidential data. The speed of the VPN is fast in this PPTP protocol because of lower encryption.

  • Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)

The Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol is a type of tunneling protocol and is typical combines with IPSec protocol to provide more security to the data. This combination is performed to create the highly secured VPN connection.

Grab IPVanish Vpn

Based in the United States, the IPVanish is one of the traditional IPVanish review providers. This IPVanish is having a strong reputation and become favorite of all users by providing best services to the customers. Moreover, this company uses the advanced methods to unblock the websites and also the online content that is usually constrained by the geographical region.

The Anonymous Vpn Service - High Speed Up To 1000 Mbps‎

  • Consumer services
  • Corporate services
  • Consumer services

The IPVanish review is nothing but the VPN tunnel is used by the consumers to protect their identity and activity in online. When the user accesses the public Wi-Fi hotspots, he/she has to use VPN service because the public wireless services are not safe and secure. Alongside the public Wi-Fi security, the private VPN services offer the uncensored internet access to the customers. This will help us to put off the data hacking and unblock websites.

  • Corporate services

When compare to consumers, mostly corporate companies are using the VPN services to transfer confidential data or video over the public network and to communicate confidentially. The most commonly using IPVanish review for business purposes is called the Virtual Private Dial-up Network (VPDN). By using this VPDN, the remote users can connect to the company LAN. It is primarily designed for the user to LAN connection. Additionally, the site to site VPN is commonly used by the organizations and corporate companies.

IP Vanish VPN

 The IPVanish company clearly says that they don’t collect or log any traffic for their VPN service. They are fulfilling the needs and requirements of the customers and satisfy them by providing excellent services and offers to the users. So I suggest the VPN users to choose the IPVanish VPN service provider and it is entirely trustworthy as I am assuring you. I believe that this VPN organization protects your data from hackers. They are using advanced encryption method to secure the information. Also, the speed of the VPN is high even in strong and powerful encryption. This is one of the significant advantages of all.

This company provides more than 40,000 IP addresses to the users and also has more than 500 servers across 60 countries. The IPVanish company product is secured product so the customers can prefer the IPVanish as the best VPN service provider. Also, the IPVanish ensures the online privacy to the clients and protecting the confidential data from the unwanted snooping, hacking and some other malicious threats.

IPVanish is Unique and Different

The IPVanish is unique and different as it owns and operates each and every layer of its services. For instance, the IPVanish manages the network infrastructure, hardware, and software. The IPVanish is also referred as uber secure and private VPN network. The main motto of this service provider is to increase the VPN speed and anonymity. This company provides a real zero log policy the customers, but you can’t expect these kinds of offers from other VPN service providers. Other vendors are also claiming the zero log policy, but they are using the third party hosting providers that compromise the ability to admire and put in force the zero log policy for their users.

​The IPVanish VPN service provider not only the offers the VPN services with high speed but also they are providing sustained throughput speeds. During peak times, the network of the other vendors is capped and unable to handle the traffic increase. This effect leads you to see the choppy feeds in the evening time. This company now provides 40,000 anonymous IP addresses to the customers on more than 500 servers in 60 countries. Now a day there is the huge demand for IPVanish as it is the largest and fastly growing VPN network in the market.

Working Method Of Ipvanish

Once the setting up process is completed by the IPVanish, it provides the secure connection between the IPVanish server and your remote ISP. All the data and information is encrypted while transmitting over the internet. In other words, the encryption is nothing but no one can access and use your personal data. When the user turns on the VPN connection, the IPVanish opens the encrypted tunnel and allows all the user data to pass through. The user data are email, financial information, web traffic, instant messages, and data requests and so on. To use the Virtual Private Network (VPN), first, the user has to install the automated client software on their device. After that, you have to open the software only then they can choose the server to connect to the VPN. After selecting the appropriate server, your IP address location will be determined and permits you to browse anyway.

The monitoring software or data collection tools used in IPVanish will not be able to read your traffic by the unauthorized users. Additionally, the IP address of the user has completely masked only then your personal identity and the location is hidden from the hackers view.

The IPVanish VPN network is very simple and easy to use which is considered as one of the main benefits of IPVanish review. Once the setup process is completed, then there is no need for extra settings. The user can straight away use the IPVanish VPN service and browse anyway. This company is providing secure and safe services by using the following protocols such as Open VPN (TCP), Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP), PPTP, and Open VPN (UDP).

IPVanish Security

The open VPN protocol provides the 256 bit AES support which is more secure and safe. The internet service provider will not be able to observe the users action when connected through the VPN. The temporary connection logs are deleted for every 15 days so that the third party will not able to retrieve the information about the connection logs. Moreover, the vast number of IP addresses is shared among the large number of users which means even with the connection log would be very tedious to point out the users’ action exactly while browsing.

Limitations Of IPVanish

Even though the IPVanish is the best service provider, it also has some disadvantages. In this review, I am going to discuss some of the limitations of IPVanish review. Most of the other service providers also have some limitations such as bandwidth cap, the number of concurrent connections and much more. But you can’t these types of limitations in IPVanish. When using the IPVanish Company, the users can’t find the bandwidth constraints. The customers can download and feel free to browse anything as per your wish.

You can install the IPVanish software on many devices. But the user can access only one open VPN at a time with one extra connection for another protocol. Let me clearly define the above statement with the appropriate example for better understanding. For instance: You already connect the Open VPN to your home computer and connect your Smartphone through the L2TP protocol or PPTP protocols.

But now you want to connect use the VPN service to another computer. In such case, the user has to disconnect the main computer only then they can connect the Open VPN to another computer. Typically there are no major differences in download and upload speeds in VPN. But at the end of the day, the VPN service depends on various factors such as the computer network adapter of the user, ISP internet plan, the server location you are connected with. I suggest the VPN users choose the most nearer VPN server which will always the best choice for optimum results. If you connect the VPN to the closest server, then the VPN speed is high throughout the day, so this will help you to download as much you want. The customers can also protect Nintendo Wii, Apple TV, Xbox 360, and some other devices when they use the software with the combination of custom designed IPVanish flash router. If you have the compatible router, then you don’t worry about the other devices. The user can also protect the multiple devices with only one VPN connection if you have to router. Otherwise, it is not possible.

IPVanish Is Good

The users can quickly complete the setup process of VPN as the methods are easy and straightforward. The first thing you have to do is open the IPVanish, and then you have to select the remote server. After that, the user needs to choose the related and efficient protocol that you would like to use, and the final process is to press the connect option. One of another important feature is auto reconnect option. If you enable the auto-reconnect option, then it allows you to reconnect the VPN server automatically if the connection is ever severed. The users are not connecting to the public servers. The IPVanish servers are handling the VPN functions, so this leads to improve the quality of active VPN connections.

  • What do the IPVanish works best with?

The IPVanish works well for any network usage or connected application. But mainly it works with BitTorrent & P2P, HD video streaming, Skype, safe & secure browsing through the public Wi-Fi and much more. IPVanish review is one of the reliable and fastest VPN service providers and asks you to prefer this provider, and you feel jubilant as I am assuring you. The only disadvantage of this company is that you need to have the IPVanish compatible router to connect with more than one device at a time like game consoles and much more. Moreover, the IPVanish utilize more than 20,000 KB of Random Access Memory (RAM) while running which is terrible.

Features Of IPVanish’s

IPVanish’s has many excellent features once you are connected to the IPVanish’s VPN service. It provides the secure internet connection between your ISP and IPVanish’s. In the case of public Wi-Fi networks, the details can be taken by the others, but that thing cannot happen in IPVanish’s.

  • VPN Network

The VPN Network has the high-speed connection as IPVanish, which has the server locations in more than 60 different countries across the globe. IPVanish review does not have any limit on bandwidth; it allows you to taka the advantage of IPVanish without any traffic restrictions. It continuously adds the new servers and IPs to have the enough capacity. It is one of the fastest VPN services available across the globe with the multiple speedy servers. The connection speed varies on the location relative to the nearest VPN server. Mainly it supports the three protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN. OpenVPN is one of the best and top choices for the desktops, where the other two is ideal for the mobiles. The second one L2TP is the slowest option which supports the apple and android devices. Then the first one PPTP is fastest but less secure than the other alternatives.

  • Privacy Protection

IPVanish allows the user to choose the IP address from 25,000 plus addresses. The advanced skill feature in IPVanish review instantly put a halt to all the internet activities if your connection were to drop. IPVanish review provides the unbreakable 256-bit encryption for OpenVPN, and L2TP protocol, where for PPTP comes with 128 bit. Open VPN is the best-recommended protocol since it is the safest one. For signing up, it does not require you o reveal any personal information. The only thing you need is the email ID and password; has the payment methods like credit card, requires the personal information. IPVanish is also named as ‘the world’s only top tier VPN service,’ but it does not deliver any excellent performance.

  • Customer Service

IPVanish is mostly company oriented and the Customer service acts as the important factor to give the excellent service, which has 24/7 throughout the year through various channels. The FAQ is available in different languages, can help the user to clear the certain doubts. There is also the support forum and companies Facebook is available through which you can connect them directly for any grievances.

  • Plans

It offers the three plans for the VPN service, which has the cheapest plan of $10 if you sign up for a month. The additional features will be added if you sign up for a year, in the case of the month it will be less. Mainly the plans come with the seven days money back guarantee and also provides the 24/7 customer support in the better manner. The unlimited bandwidth and P2P traffic are given along with the zero traffic logs. It offers to connect the five simultaneous connections on multiple devices at the same time. In the case of all mobile devices, it acts as the user-friendly and world’s fastest VPN.

  • IPVanish Servers

The IPVanish has more than 500 VPN servers in 60 countries throughout the world. Here I am going to provide the country names where the servers are located. Argentina, Sweden, Costa Rica, Italy, Sweden, Portugal, Malaysia, Egypt, Belgium, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Iceland, Romania, South Africa, Israel, South Korea, Norway, Indonesia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Hong Kong. Some other important countries are Bulgaria, Australia, India, Poland, Canada, Luxembourg, Malta, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Mexico, Spain, Singapore, United States, Panama, Finland, Croatia, New Zealand, Hungary, Ukraine, Japan, United Kingdom, Brazil, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, etc.

Ip Vanish Pricing And Payment Methods

The IPVanish review provides excellent offers and discounts in pricing plans, but you can’t expect these kinds of offers from other service providers. The customers can choose the pricing plans with different subscription lengths. Furthermore, this VPN service providing company offers great deals for longer plans. So I suggested the VPN users to prefer this IPVanish only then you can save more money and getting excellent services.

  • One month subscription cost is 10 US dollars
  • Three months subscription price is 26.99 US dollars ($ 8.99 on monthly basis)
  • One year subscription fee is 77.99 US dollars ($ 6.49 on monthly basis)

When speaking about the payment methods, the customers can pay the subscription amount through the credit card or the PayPal. Also, the VPN users can also be made the payment through the Bitcoin. Even your payments are made completely anonymous. The IPVanish Company only knows your Email id and Password. So you no need to worry about this. One of a great deal is that the IPVanish review offers the seven days money back guarantee that permits the customers to test the product and also claim the refund if they are not satisfied with the IPVanish VPN service.

Customer Support

The IPVanish is the excellent VPN service provider, and maximum corporate companies as well as the home users also prefer this service provider. The IPVanish review has more popularity among the VPN users as the employees in IPVanish are providing 24/7 dedicated and trustworthy services to the customers. Moreover, the staff members are also available at any time to solve the questions from the customers as soon as possible. The users feel euphoric to be a member of the forum and also said that the supporting team is fast, knowledgeable and helpful. If the customers want to know more information about IPVanish review services and working method, they need to go to the official site of IPVanish where many tutorials, videos, and audios are available. These valuable sources will help us to gather the bright idea about IPVanish services and all. Even you can find appropriate answers for common queries asked by most of the customers.

This company provides the client's support through the ticket based email support system as well as through the forum that includes the contributions from both employees and customers. This forum will help the users to ask their queries about the services to the staff members.

Benefits Of IPVanish

  • VoIP with IPVanish

If the customers use VoIP applications with IPVanish, you can save more money. Some of the VoIP applications are Vonage, Skype, etc. This application allows you to make international calls with low charge. When you make international calls from your geographical location, you just connect to the server of the country you are calling so this will charge your phone bill with lower rates. Many mobile network companies are trying to block the VoIP applications to increase their profit percentage. But they can’t do it with the VPN.

  • IPVanish prevents the Geo-Targeting

This company uses advanced methods and tools to prevent the third party websites and organizations from identifying your location via your IP address. Once you establish the VPN connection, then it will replace your IP address automatically. This is done to prevent the internet marketers from serving the unnecessary ads relevant to your search history and location.

  • IPVanish protects your Internet Freedom

In the current scenario, the user’s online freedom is threatened by the local firewalls, hackers, government sectors, and ISPs. To eradicate these situations, the IPVanish allows you to access the internet without any hesitation as they are protecting your confidential data, messages, emails, information and so on.

Speed Test results of IPVanish

Here the speed test results are provided in median values.

  • Upload speed is 4.26 Mbps
  • Download speed is 10.65 Mbps
  • The Ping time is 260 ms

IPVanish plans and pricing for different subscription lengths

For One Month

  • They offer unlimited bandwidth and server switches
  • IPVanish provides unlimited P2P traffic
  • It offers open VPN, L2TP/IPsec, and PPTP VPN protocols
  • Wi-Fi hotspot protection
  • Seven days money back guarantee

For Three Month

  • The service cost is 8.99 US dollars per month. So you have to pay 26.99 US dollars for every three months
  • They offer unlimited bandwidth and server switches
  • IPVanish provides unlimited P2P traffic
  • It provides open VPN, L2TP/IPsec, and PPTP VPN protocols
  • Wi-Fi hotspot protection
  • Seven days money back guarantee

For One Year

  • The service cost is 6.49 US dollars per month. So you have to pay 77.99 US dollars for every three months
  • They offer unlimited bandwidth and server switches
  • IPVanish provides unlimited P2P traffic
  • It provides open VPN, L2TP/IPsec, and PPTP VPN protocols
  • Wi-Fi hotspot protection
  • Seven days money back guarantee

Note: For three months and one year subscription period, the IPVanish review provides the same features mentioned above. But the only difference is the subscription cost. If you use the long term service, you can save more money with more exciting features. So the users are requested to choose the long-term service to save more money and enjoying the great discounts and services offered by the IPVanish.

IPVanish Payment Methods

The customers can pay the money through any of the following methods American Express, Discover, JCB, PayPal, Bitcoin, IDEAL, Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron, Alipay, etc.



  • This company provides more than 500 servers across 60 countries in the world
  • It provides 40,000 IP addresses to the customers
  • Unlimited server switching, P2P traffic, and bandwidth
  • Diverse device compatibility and accepts the anonymous payment
  • Zero traffic and connection logs
  • There is no free trial for users
  • You can use only up to two simultaneous connections
  • The VPN service of the IPVanish subject to US data privacy laws such as NSA and Gag orders
  • This company provides only limited duration for claiming the refunds (one week only)

Ipvanish Supports Other Platforms

The IPVanish has many apps and installers for various operating systems such as Android, iOS, and OSX. This company has detailed guide and videos on the official website. I asked the VPN users to get into the official link of IPVanish and go through the tutorial completely so that you will be able to setup and run the open Virtual Private Network smoothly.

  • Performance

In this paragraph, I am going to discuss about the performance level of IPVanish. The performance level will be calculated by considering the following factors such as DNS, Speed, IPv6 test, and WebRTC. The rate of the VPN is high on almost all servers. The average downstream speed is 10Mbps for both UK as well as the Dutch servers. The users may use the ipleak.net to check the WebRTC and DNS leaks. Moreover, you have to use test-ipv6.com for checking the IPv6 leaks.

IPVanish Review Conclusion

The main motto of this VPN service providing company is to fulfill the needs and requirements of the users by providing excellent and 24/7 dedicated services to the customers. The IPVanish is initially started in the year 2012. Within the short period, this company earned good name and fame among the corporate companies as well as the home users. The IPVanish is one of the fastest growing and leading VPN service providers in the world. This company concentrates more on providing new VPN apps with excellent features. It is utmost significant to remember that the IPVanish is still the young and growing company. This company is the most privacy-minded VPN service provider in the industry. The IPVanish is the self-owned and operated VPN service provider with the explicit privacy policy in the sector. No other competitors can guarantee the 100% security that IPVanish can. To learn more about click here Difference between VPN and Proxy and Types Of Vpn.

The IPVanish is unique and different when compare to other providers because of its robust network and commitments. The most recent app improvements in IPVanish provide the cohesive strategy with a user-minded design and the perfect implementation. I liked the following features of IPVanish such as cross-platform functionality, high speed at any time, P2P allowed, No logging, lots more payment methods, modern and useful key switch, IP cycle features and scrambler and so on. But there are no possibilities for the live chat.

At last, I strongly suggest you to choose the IPVanish review service which makes you more satisfied as I am assuring you. They are providing VPN with lots more features such as ultra fast speed, ever expanding the network, and unparalleled quality of service and much more.

The IPVanish review allows the customers to provide comments and ratings for their services. The customers can leave their comments in the comment box with your name and Email id. The staff members often refer the comments and suggestions of the users to improve their service much better. Also, the IPVanish Company needs more cons rather than pros from the VPN users only then they can solve all those drawbacks and move their position to the next higher level.

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