PureVPN Review | Features, Pros & Cons, Pricing For 2017

The purevpn review is based on the Hong Kong provider to supply the products to the customers across the different continents with the help of IP addresses to find their location to connect to the internet and to work on their favorite websites through servers in VPN worldwide. The company begins with the aspects and ability of the services in VPN and earned the popularity to stay as the name of the respected provider with hard filtration, coverage for worldwide services and also software. It provides fast speed and compatible with more than fifty platforms and it covers all over the globe. The internet control was executed at any location so that this purpose of starting was to unblock the limited websites on the particular locations. They were the first company to provide the VPN service to the public according to their website because of the resounding achievement in all the conducted tests at the time of the experiment.

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The purevpn review helps to guide the customer to get the services in an easy manner. It will come with the delivering the high-quality services to their customer to gain the popularity among people so that they fix the goal to offer the best connection in VPN service. The Virtual Private Network is very unique which has many services offered by the company to the customers.

Non-profit Purevpn Review

The services were running for many years which software is very easy to handle and it has many features such as reconnect the network automatically, the capacity to separate the traffic via VPN, and traffic log chart. The company provides the wonderful apps for Mac, iOS, Android, Windows and Linux with lots of instructions to set it with good performance. It also offered their services to some areas where they want enough internet connection. The purevpn review are very good according to customer and experts because the VPN service which is rich in its features to find the full-scale support in the strong selection of protocols, a downloadable client, and browser protection and so on.

Products Reviews On Purevpn

The VPN permits to join to other countries to enjoy the distribution contents because there is no limit for the contents. VPN comes with great performance on computer and on mobile devices so that the products are very trendy to use and easy to handle in all parts of the areas. It provides the best quality service, which offers flexibility, safety, and handiness. It is the cross-platform usability and it provides customizable connection protocols for their customers. The purevpn review has gained the great customer support because of its features, pricing, rate and customer care support. It also provides privacy policy to secure your data with the conversation with the product experts.

There are different ways to keep touch with customers through support tickets, social media, live chat, email but the customer want to wait for just a few seconds to get the reply, and the company will explain briefly. It is very reliable service, which offers the unique features of certain sites. It has stylish user interface and good customer care service to use so it is the good option for the users of VPN.

Features Of The Purevpn Review

PureVPN is top most Hong Kong provider and its first commercial services in 2007. Since now, the company grows to be the well-respected provider in the VPN industry. Moreover, the company received many critical awards from the CNET, New York Times, and likes of the Mashable. However, they offers many great features to the users. The most impressive part is five simultaneous connections that allow the user to safeguard all of them devices. The next most important feature is promising anonymous IPs. No other VPN providers make the users truly anonymous in online that it makes the purevpn review claims rather sketchy.

All kinds of the VPN accounts have the same features such as multi logins, secure Wi-Fi, internet kill switch, and so on. All kinds of the features is clearly explained and listed on the website of the provider’s.

List Of  VPN Server Locations

PureVPN service location is the more important thing of this provider. The company has more than five hundred serves in one hundred and forty-one countries across the world. It also includes the seldom-covered areas like Africa, Central America, and Oceania.

  • North America – it has one hundred and fifty highly optimized North American servers
  • Central America – it has eight fifty highly optimized Central American servers
  • Oceania – it has thirty-four fifty highly optimized Oceania servers
  • Africa – it has thirty-six fifty highly optimized African servers
  • South America – it has twenty-six fifty highly optimized South American servers
  • Europe – it has two hundred and forty-nine fifty highly optimized European servers
  • Asia – it has eighty five highly optimized Asian servers

Top Most Features Of Purevpn

Easy To Use Applications

The dialer of the purevpn review provides easy to use application service to all users. Using this service, the user needs to connect the application and access all kinds of the VPN servers with a single click of the mouse. This service also offers the auto-detect feature to the users. This auto-detect feature allows the user connect to the fastest server available in and around his or her location. The application well designed with essential and basic functions of the application or device need to connect to the corresponding VPN service, which readily available as well as easy to access. This service enables all the users to connect the fastest VPN server available in their location with a single click of the mouse.

Multiple Device Access

Purevpn allows the user to connect up to five simultaneous devices to the VPN service. This multiple device access system allows the users to protect all their devices with the help of the single. If the user has a single account on the provider, then he or she can able to connect up to five devices and use at the same time using the single purevpn review. Therefore, users can get the access to the multiple logins on the single VPN. Thus, this outstanding feature provides protection to all kinds of user devices.

PureVPN Allows File Sharing

PureVPN allows the users to peer-to-peer file sharing access in his or her VPN service. However, the file sharing service limited to some of the servers. The list of servers that allows users to perform file sharing listed here.

  • Kenya
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Laos
  • Latvia
  • Lebanon
  • Luxembourg
  • Madagascar
  • Mauritania
  • Mauritius
  • Moldova
  • Monaco
  • Mongolia
  • Myanmar
  • Netherlands
  • Nigeria
  • Norway
  • Oman
  • Pakistan
  • Panama
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Peru
  • Portugal
  • Puerto Rico
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Senegal
  • Serbia
  • Slovenia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Sweden
  • Tajikistan
  • Tanzania
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • Turkmenistan
  • UAE
  • Uzbekistan
  • Venezuela

Outstanding Device Compatibility

In the world market today, purevpn review provide supports for all existing Smartphone models and operating system platforms. Hence, the user can use all kinds of the device with different platforms. Most of the VPN provider does not provide the feature of the device compatibility but they supports the device compatibility. Thus, it is one of the main advantages is provider. The user can use the entire device with the help of purevpn review. This is one of the major reasons for the PureVPN provides become more popular among the people across the globe.

IP Leakage Protection

It provides the complete protection against the IPV6 and DNS leak with the help of IP leakage protection. Thus, it tends to provide the leakage protection for the users who using this VPN.

Internet Kill Switch

PureVPN always concentrates more on the user protection because they give more importance to the customers. This makes them provide the protection even when the connection of the users drops. PureVPN review provides this level of protection to the users using the internet kill switch feature. This ultimate work the user device even the connection also drops.

Military Level Grade Of Encryption Protocol

The best provider setup SSTP i.e. 256-bit encryption, PPTP i.e. 128-bit encryption, and L2TP/IPSEC i.e. 128-bit and 256-bit encryption for its customers. This enables high-security service for the users while using purevpn review services. However,it badly does not support the most popular encryption protocol of OpenVPN protocol. Still, VPN conducts the beta test for enabling the Open VPN protocol for its users. PureVPN probably includes this protocol in the future.

Unlimited Bandwidth And Server Switch

It provides the unlimited bandwidth and server switch to the users so that users can browse via all his or her favorite websites, play online games, watch movies, and so on. Moreover, users can do whatever they want to do with this service of the purevpn review. However, all the users should subject to the fair usage terms and policies of the PureVPN. It provides the maximum usage limit of two hundred sessions in a day for the users. Therefore, users can enjoy the services up to the maximum limit daily.

Quicker VPN Service

It enlarges its own network (gigabit) over four hundred servers thus, it provides the fastest VPN service for the users. This gigabit network implements the feature of automatic load balancing. Hence, the users can enjoy the faster and quicker VPN service at any time that you never experienced on any other VPN provider. Now, enjoy the fastest VPN service with the PureVPN.

Secure Wi-Fi

PureVPN provides the secured Wi-Fi connection for the users at his or her home, office, or anywhere else. Therefore, you can get internet access anywhere at any time. With the feature of the unlimited server switching, the user can switch the server much time with any account whenever you want. This is very useful for the users who want to access his or her account with another server.

Seven Days Money Back Guarantee

PureVPN gives the option of seven days money back guarantee to the users. Therefore, users can get his or refund payment within seven days from the date of their order. This sounds good for the users to get back their payment amount if he or she not satisfied or any issues with the PureVPN service. However, there is some sort of rule and conditions that every user should meet before the user can avail his or her refund payment.

24×7-customer Support

Along with the widest features, PureVPN provides the best customer care service for the user i.e. 24×7. Thus, the user can get the customer service assistance at any time in a week or day. Apart from this, a user can contact customer service support through live chat and ticket system.

Add-ons Of The Pure VPN

The PureVPN provides a lot of paid add-ons to help the users to add an extra layer of the security. These types of add-ons occur for the particular purposes, and thus they are designed to take the users VPN to another level.

Dedicated IP VPN

The PureVPN dedicated IP add-on offers the users with the static IP that are only assigned to them. The user has options to select the dedicated IP add-on from the desired region to assist them with specific requirements. Keeping them from safe, a dedicated IP have also assisted the users to approach accurate accounts without risk including corporate databases, banks, emails, etc. One of the important things that should be noted are the dedicated IP can only interact on one scheme, but if the user is setup to a dedicated IP add-on to their router, then each system are transmitted to it that will get same dedicated IP add-on address. There are huge numbers of perks to having this dedicated IP add-on that purevpn reviews explain they are

Better Entertainment

With this dedicated IP VPN add-on, you must ultra-fast of streaming speed that is regardless of the connection speed. By using this, add of purevpn review, you must set absolute anonymity, and that never keeps the cap during the switching server so the ISP can never throttle the network connection speed. In the PureVPN add-on, you can choose by one touch what you need to with the smart preloaded of purpose selection on this entire app, which reduces the time and the hassle for the users.

Online Banking Security 

The online Banking is most convenient nowadays in the field of commerce and finance. In the past, the people may go to the bank to make their transactions. Nowadays, the bank customers have to go for the online for the banking to deposit the money, transfer funds, withdraw money, make payments, etc. Few peoples prefer to the bank in a traditional way because of security risks that are involved in the cyberspace. This risk must be reduced through the VPN for the online banking.

Risk-Free Online Reputation

The online Banking is most convenient nowadays in the field of commerce and finance. In the past, the people may go to the bank to make their transactions. Nowadays, the bank customers have to go for the online for the banking to deposit the money, transfer funds, withdraw money, make payments, etc. Few peoples prefer to the bank in a traditional way because of security risks that are involved in the cyberspace. This risk must be reduced through the VPN for the online banking.

Personal Blog Sacurity

With the PureVPN the dedicated IP, you can able to increase your safety measure on the blog by allowing the intellectual property address to approach the backend. You assign your personal IP address to the internet banking to offer even the stronger protection for the sensitive data. Go to the settings, selection the choices to access the account from one IP address. It will help to prevent anyone, including cyber criminals and surveillance agencies from a log into the account. You will have to approach from anywhere with the static IP.

Home Security Camera Protection

Nowadays, the intellectual property address cameras are getting much affordable and that are exactly one of the handiest devices to the monitor to your house. The apps are endless from home security, pet monitoring, and baby monitoring and much more. Most of these cameras are a buildup of the web server and the API interface that enable to approach from anywhere be it from the internet browser on the phone device.

Secure Remote Access 

The remote access of VPN let the users establish to achieve in online connections with the remote computer internet based on anywhere around the globe. The VPN remote access is beneficial for the corporations with a huge number of workers spread over the world. The remote access VPN acquires the peoples to offer authentic credentials to sign into VPN network that is established by the organization. Whether, if you are selecting for the secure VPN remote access, there are a lot of security and the data theft threats that must eliminate before to the remote access can allow securely.

Secure FTP Access 

The cloud-based of secured FTP Hosting services is well designed for the business purpose, and that make it easy to achieve to receive, send and store the company data. Secure FTP Access is hosted on the high availability of the cloud; all the solutions are guaranteed consistent that are super-fast performance and the solid reliability. With the PureVPN dedicated IP add-on, you can add the new wall of the security for the website along with the limiting secure FTP access to your IP only.

Two Factor Authentications

With the PureVPN of dedicated IP, you set up the two-factor authentications of protocol to the website, the bank account.

Data Base Server Security 

With the dedicated IP PureVPN, there was no hacker will able to approach your server data because your dedicated IP VPN is only allowed. Who has to subscribe the Dedicated IP VPN? The users who acquire the static dedicated IP VPN to approach their corporate, financial or the personal accounts then they should get the dedicated IP. Whether the people are unwilling to assist the shared IPs and they need to have the full control along with their IP VPN, then they have to get the dedicated IP VPN for themselves.

NAT Firewall Added Security For PureVPN

The NAT firewall will help you to give the connection as an extra layer of the security due to blocking the unwarranted inbound of traffic. You should make sure not to set up the extra layer at the end to get the extra protection of the NAT firewall add-on because they run on the server end. You should keep your scheme on secured when you are connected to the VPN. The purevpn review is one of the top most Hong Kong provider and that are the first commercial services. PureVPN writes that the NAT Firewall protects the user by blocking the unrequested connection, bad data packets, exploits, malicious inbounded traffic, and other nasties.

It has the several numbers of the add-on features, and they are dedicated IP VPN, NAT Firewall, and DDoS protection. The PureVPN review helps you to know more about the Add-ons.

Protect Your IP Address

IP filtering and the network address transaction NAT acts as a firewall to protect the internal user network from the intruders. The PureVPN review NAT protects the user network by filtering the packets according to the rules that the user define. It helps to protect the internal user network from the other network, and it helps to protect the IP address from the various problems. The NAT allows the user to hide the unregistered IP address behind a set of the registered IP address.

Kills Anonymous Traffic

The anonymous traffic is used for transmitting malicious software and poses the serious threat to the security. The kill’s anonymous traffic must be stopped and terminated. The NAT firewall is one of the best tools to take extra care of the anonymous task.

Avoid Bad Packet Data

NAT firewall helps pt protect you from the bad pocket data, and the user data connection is secured with the PureVPN NAT firewall. No any cyber criminal will be to attack you with the bad packet data.

DDoS protection

The DDoS protection add-on comes with the extra security to your existing of the VPN plan. The DDoS protection hides the user real IP address from the attacks and filtering the traffic in your connection through the anti-DDoS mitigation servers. The DDoS protection add-on is not only an enticing to someone who is concerned with internet security but also streaming gamers and aficionados as well.

Protection Against DDoS Attacks

The PureVPN manages the DDoS attacks precisely, and it is equipped with the mechanism to contend the critical DDoS attack of four eighty Gbps.

Activates Automatically

The PureVPN DDoS protection activates automatically, and it springs into the action instantly when someone tries to attack you.

Safe Connection For Gamers

The DDoS protection helps to protect the games against all kinds of the DDoS attacks to keep everything competitive and fair.

Static Connection For Live Streams

The servers streaming live feed can provide the uninterrupted and also the fast streaming to the user with DDoS protection.

Blocks All Unwarranted Traffic

The unwarranted traffic means shutdowns or decreased the speed and DDoS protection blocks all unwarranted traffic reaching the machine.

Keeps Your System Smooth

The DDoS protection gives the user complete peace of the mind with the system running flawlessly without any interruptions connections. The PureVPN DDoS protection keeps your system smooth and safe.

Who Has To Subscribe For NAT Firewall?

All those users of purevpn review, who have concerned their security and you have to need an extra layer of the protection to find out their online security then you should get this NAT firewall. This NAT firewall add-on does not acquire any particular settings, and then you do not want to tech savvy to assist this NAT firewall for tightening the security.

DDoS Protection

The Dedicated IP add-on with the DDoS protection add-on is also the static IP VPN, but that are well equipped with the security features and benefits to thwart and prevent any DDoS protection attack. Make sure you don’t want to set up any extra layer for the DDoS protection add-on because that works on the server end.

The dedicated IP with the DDoS protection are not only assisting the users to get the static IP VPN on each and every connection, but it will also help the users to keep protected from the DDoS attacks.

Who Has To Subscribe For DDoS Protection?

The peoples who have to wish to set the static IP VPN with the higher connectivity of the speed can fix this DDoS Protection add-on. Whether you need to prevent the DDoS on the connection, then the DDoS Protection is the best add-on for the users. Especially, the users are the gamer who are at the higher risk of setting DDoSed.

How PureVPN Works

VPN is very useful for the online business company because it provides networking surroundings with reliable and secure way. You have to understand the necessary things about the working of VPN to get a number of advantages for their services so you can view the purevpn reviews. The VPN provides many platforms for networking and it can access the information from the remote sources as it uses the public network platform. The VPN provides two types of connectivity such as

Site-to-Site VPN Concepts

The site-to-site VPN connection is used to connect the two sections of the private network and it reasonably operates with the Wide Area Network for its routed VPN connection. The server of VPN offers the connection between the routed networks with the attachment of VPN server. The calling router, which is called as VPN client, will call to the opposite router which is known as the VPN server or answering router and then for mutual understanding, the answering router will again call to the calling router.

In Site-to-Site VPN connection, the number of packets will transfer from the either side of router across the connection of VPN which do not originate at the routers.

Intranet based Site-to-Site VPN

The secured or hidden network of the either side will be connected to the internet which is necessary for companies to connect the resources at several branch locations. Each of the network separate LAN will be well-connected to the single WAN from end to end Intranet VPN. They will connect with computers which act as the VPN clients and VPN server. When the connection is displayed then the users on either of the network in computers will exchange their data across the corporate intranet. You can see tunnel during the transformation of data because tunneling means that the network technology can able to encapsulation the packets in protocol within the datagram of the several kinds of protocol.

Extranet-based Site-to-Site VPN

It assists you to connect the data with resources of another company which will be the customer, a supplier or a partner of the company. You have to connect the network over the Internet then after the connection of the two networks, the router will forward the packets to the other side which will be VPN server across the VPN connection through tunneling. The connection of VPN operates as the data-link layer to the router which helps to work together with the multiple companies in a shared and secure network environment.

Remote Access VPN – How VPNs Work

The remote access VPN is also called as Virtual Private Dial-up-Network. The connection of remote access is made by the client of remote access, which is a unique computer user to connect the private network from the remote location.

The server offers access to the resources of the various networks to connect the VPN server. The users of purevpn review will access the remote server because they are directly connected to the remote server or computer. The process of VPN remote access is same as the Site-to-Site VPN.

Extranet-based Remote Access VPN

It allows the remote access client to start the connection of dial-up to the local ISP as the replacement of joining to the outsourced or corporate network access server. The network access server is otherwise called as the media gateway or remote access server. It will be committed server function on the shared server or it is one of the several application functions in the network access server. The client of the remote access begins the connection of VPN by with the introduced physical joining to the local ISP to the management’s VPN server across the Internet. The client of remote access will go further to the resources of the private intranet after the creation of VPN connection. The network access server executes the process for authentication and then raises the query for valid credentials from the user to bring the safety access to the remote server or computer with the help of purevpn review.

Intranet based remote access VPN

Enter your text hereThe VPN connection will allow the remote access to the secured network with the help of intranet, which enables the network part of the resources department to be connected physically. The VPN server will be used to split the segments in the network for this configuration. The server of the VPN will not offer the straight connection on the route between the network segment and the corporate intranet. The different users on the intranet with suitable consent will display the remote access connection of VPN with the server and access the profit to the resources with the protected area. In addition, all the communication or interaction will be encrypted across the VPN connection for the data security with confidentiality. The unique network segment will be hidden from the user’s view that is not official to display the VPN connection…

Security And Privacy Of The Pure VPN

The pure VPN offers many features for its users and offer virtual router for the window application. With the help of this type of feature, the people are able to convert desktop to the laptop with the virtual router. The virtual router is connected to ten devices and it offers enough number of security and privacy features to the user. The encryption protocol used by the VPN for the open connection is the fantastic option for the people. The advanced encryption is standard two fifty-six with the public key cryptosystem for the authentication process. With the help of this, no third-party find, your data in the system and it is the self-managed network. The data is only handled by the VPN user without any intervention and interference of the third party. The people can share anything to the friends and family with the help of this process and the people make the system in this process.

The purevpn review explains features and benefits of using VPN router in your home and your office. They provide high-level security to the user using the VPN router. They using advanced encryption and authentication protocols for the security purpose that protects the data in a good manner and no one hacks the system with these protocols.

Encryption Standard

Now, the pure VPN user uses the elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman for the encryption purpose and it is the key exchange of the data encryption channel. The VPN user uses the perfect forward secrecy for the security that is greater one for the open connection. It shows the custom certificates to the user and to activation code with the authentication process. The purevpn review directly picks the authentication and encryption protocol that is suitable for your network. The advanced encryption standard protocol is helpful for the user to protect and safeguard the data and information in your network from the wrong people.

The open virtual private network offers the best combination of privacy and security policy to the user. It provides the high-speed network to the user with the help of the security standards. The transmission control protocol is used for all type of network connection and it is much slower than the user datagram protocol.

Moreover, purevpn review it offers current security and privacy protocol feature to the user for different devices. The pure virtual private network offers the best protocol and providing the best combination of the high-speed network to the user. The people can install the automatic protocol selection software in the network for the security purpose. The user can use the reliable speed network without any intervention of the third-party. If the people using the virtual private network services for your wifi hotspot, the people can be benefitted and it is hundred percent secure to search the internet anything from hackers. The user can use the dedicated internet protocol to complete the control over the online reputation. The dedicated internet protocol is also used for the security and privacy purpose. The user also uses the added layer of security to the network and safeguards the user information from the hackers and other things.

About Pure VPN Website

The pure virtual private network is the modern website for the people purpose. They provide lots of service to the user and provide any time customer support service for the customer satisfaction. It is the suitable one in these days and various numbers of services to the user. They offer various types of security to the network that is beneficial for the users. It is the excellent website for the user to find any type of service that is suitable for your network. The user can also read the review of the website and to choose the best kind of services in the website. The people also enjoy the service provider of the website and the service provider is regularly updated their blog.

This website is the designed section for the user convenience for the different section. The purevpn review provides such type of facility to the user and this one makes very secure means to protecting the information from the hackers.

This website provides excellent live staff support for the people. This website is very minor and quick able to the user and it is the best one for the user to install different type of network services to the user. The graphic of the virtual private network website is made easy for the people look on the website. The website is helpful for the people to get the heavy information on the site contains more useful information on that site. This website is regularly updated with the latest technology for the security and company updates the useful information about the various services. The purevpn review allows the people to search everything on the website and to make sure to find the good things in the website. This website is making so useful for the reader to search different things about the virtual private network.

Support Of The Pure VPN

The virtual private network website supports various types of service to the user. The user click on the support taps on the website that gives the potential customer to access various type of service in the website. The support things are the knowledge base that is suitable for the user to complaint or any other things in the website. This type of tap is found at the end of the page and the people can easily get the website with the support tab. the support tab is useful for the people to make sure to find the network issue that requires the direct contact of the company.

With the help support tab, the user can type the query related to the search engine or things in the website. The user can ask the service provider to get the company setup guides and guides of the frequently asked question of the page. The purevpn review is also helpful for the people to scroll down the page of the website.

The people can ask the question about the network with the support staff and this one also require the live chat of the people. The people can be benefitted from the support services and the virtual private network also requires the enquiry support. This kind of thing send the message to the service provider via it online contact list. The purevpn review explains the support service of the website and this also makes good things find by the customers. later, the website also decided to test the live chat performance of the people and the live chat support provider. this test sending the query to their policy regarded for the service and features of the network get by the people. The people can also put their name and email address for the purpose of the network features.

Pure VPN Complete Process

The pure vpn company started to give the best vpn service to the industry. The pure virtual private network offers the best features to allow the user to convert the windows based desktop. This gives an additional security to the use the system. The vpn service is provided in the worldwide to the customer and it is used only for the some specified websites. This company provides the software to state to state and global server and help to manage the serious security issues. The pure vpn automatically select the server for your location for the fastest service and they used to connect the system to the proxy server from the drop-down list. The vpn service is used for twenty-four hours a day and the person can watch video, browsing more. One can find the reliable and fast service in the pure vpn company.

The pure vpn transfers the data to the private network. The installation process of the pure vpn is straightforward and it is very simple to install the connection on the system. The purevpn review provides the lots of features of the company and it can connect safely to the internet.

The Installation Process Of Purevpn

The purevpn processes are easy to install it on the windows. They offer unlimited data and switching to the user. This software is installed on the windows and the android. Some of the steps to install they are,

Signing Up

For opening a new account the person visits the official website of the purevpn review. For signing up the page the person go to the pricing page and select the preferred plan and choose the payment method. After choosing the option you should enter the details such as name, payment details, and email address. This plan is used for monthly bill payment of the premium plan. For signed up the person receives the two emails, one is used for vpn and payment login details and other has how to use the purevpn.

Open New Account

In the expression purevpn review, the official website of the purevpn is available, you click the link and go on get pure vpn. On the login page, you just find the three identical plans, choose one of the plans and check out the details of the plans. Select the one-year subscription to make best saving and it offers fifty percent discount to the person.

Download Purevpn

On the given website two options are available to download. Click on any one of the buttons to download the PureVPN review. The options are available on the page are windows, OS X, IOS, android, routers, manual setting in that your select the windows if you want to download to window desktop. For windows, the two green buttons are displays one is download for windows latest version and other is download for windows old version. After downloading, open it on the Exe files and proceeds installation process, for installation you need to close all other application on the desktop. At the final stage of installation, it makes few minutes to complete the process and help you to make the best to use the application. It makes safe online banking, end to end encryption, secure online banking, and the content accessibility.


The settings are simple; you go to the website to login to the member location to use your payment login details. The person must create a new username and password to access the settings. It will show different options you choose the desired platform to use the setup. Download the setup and then launch the client. If once the client is open enter the login detail which is received on the welcome page. It prevents to getting hack on the wifi connection and the user can access the website without any restrictions.

Purevpn For Windows Vpn Client

The purevpn client provides a customizable experience to the user and the vpn is used only for the particular session. One can choose the security, remote and internet freedom to the user. You can choose any one of the options from that and check all the options on the client. The security is used to safe the user and gives more important to make safe while using the internet. You can select the certain location and the encryption and it ranges from the speed and the security of the location. The server will support the peer to peer end for the user. You can connect the server with the different location and it will display clearly the location and the IP address on the screen.

Each location is connected without any problem and you can also connect your friends. When using the purevpn review you cannot get any problems to the serves on the Hong Kong. The location is depending on the purevpn and gives back the review to the actual purevpn. If your server is successfully connected then click the drop down menu which is on the right corner of the client.

Click on the setting to view the protocol and the other basic information on the page. For open the settings you just enter the username and password to continue the process. In the settings you see the redial automatically, auto connect after launch, launch on system startup, disable tips and sync favorite.

Advanced Settings

If you want to use more additional usage on the setting use the advanced settings. Click on the advanced setting to get more features are IPv6 leak protection, DNS leak protection, split tunneling, etc. In the personalized selection, you will see the above features on the page. The smart DNS is used to watch your favorite TV channels on your free time anywhere from the world. It will show list of the web application used to launch, delete or edit. In the bottom of the right corner, you see the add launch option if want to add anything click on the button. For turn on the connection, you go to the dashboard to turn on the connection. The settings are used to enables the traffic chat options and the virtual router hotspot. Click on the mode options to change the mode of the purevpn client. This company updates the latest and the greatest tab from the purevpn applications.

The DNS is used to give the same usage as the web protection. The web protection is used to buy the NAT firewall add-on. Split tunneling is allowed to select the application which is used on the desktop by the vpn. For access the split tunneling you disconnect the vpn and click the button to make disabled.

The Configuration Of Purevpn

The dashboard in the purevpn is easy to use and for initial connection, the user enters their username and password on the page. If the connection has established, on the bottom the graph is moving and it will show a number of kilobytes. In the wifi connection, you see if the wifi connection is connected or not and it displays the graph to see the speed of the connection.


The purevpn review gives the speed in faster and process more testing. It gives an excellent bandwidth to the vpn and result of the vpn is shown the better testing to the users. It gives the security and the speed of the purevpn gives a pretty to the user. Mostly they are used to connect the united state servers. The software is also used for the other kinds of platform such as video gaming, iPod, blackberry, DD-WRT and more. It makes the user give more chances to safeguard the setup and the needs. In the video testing, the DNS leak and IP leaks are removed. In the testing, the DNS is used to secure the user and turn on the IPv6 leak detection.

Pricing Of The Plans

The pure virtual private network is the famous vpn service provider in the Hong Kong. The plans are different from the times and encourage the customer to select the purevpn for regular usage. The purevpn review describes the plans of the VPN and the categories of the plans are downloader, premium user, and streamer. The premium plans are used for online privacy and the user can share the details on the internet. Every plan gives the unlimited data transfer and the switching server to the user. The plans are offer one week for money back guarantee.

The company provides the protocol security to the client. The purevpn review shows the plans and pricing in the online. The client can request to free from the refund and you can purchase in the monthly, annually. The downloader and the streamer plan are more effective plans. The streamer plan is used to share the files and the person can overcome the rules of the security and the privacy. The downloader’s are used to overcome the restriction of the security and the privacy in online. This is used for a unique plan and accepts the payment from the pay pal, bit pay, master card and visa.

Benefits Of PureVPN

One of the popular VPN providers is PureVPN, and it has the steadily developed into the networking powerhouses with more than five hundred servers in all over the world. These services help the internet user keep their online activities private and secure. It is an excellent quality VPN services, and it delivers on the most parameters. The PureVPN service provides high speed and also privacy at the affordable rates. If you are looking for the services that deliver the excellent protection facilities and check out the purevpn review. These offer the various benefits such as unlimited internet security, unlimited data transfer, privacy or anonymity, fast streaming access, elude all restriction and others.

Unlimited Internet Security

The PureVPN delivers the strong defenses and protection for every user with the complex protocols. This services offer the exceptional wifi protection facilities that protect your online transaction and activities. It safeguards the user personal information, malicious intentions and data from the theft with secure 256-bit encryptions. The PureVPN allows the user to surf the data in the unsecured location such as coffee shops, shopping malls, airport, restaurant and other places without compromising your security and safety.

Data Security

PureVPN ensures the protection of the sensitive data such as password, credit card number, financial transaction, social account details and others. Once the users are connected to the purevpn review service, you remain secure from the data and the monetary thefts.

Unlimited Data Downloads

The PureVPN offers the unlimited data uploads and downloads using the VPN services. Anyone can stream as many hours of watching movies, television as you can manage.

Bypass Censorship

It provides the protection from the monitoring, censorship, surveillance, throttling, firewall and others. PureVPN service allows the user to use Skype from the Middle East and then unlock popular social Medias and sites such as Facebook, Gmail, blogger, YouTube, twitter from China. It has the special offers for the users who need the more reliability, and you can find the details about the benefits in the purevpn review

Bypass Geographical

The PureVPN service makes it very easy to the bypass location block and also access Facebook, Blogger, YouTube, Twitter, NBC, Gmail, USA Network, UK TV, Skype, CBS, and any other site from any location around the globe. The PureVPN lets you Unblock geographically restricted sites such as Skype, Hulu, and others so that the user can enjoy with unlimited freedom to access your favorite sites anywhere in the globe.

Secure All Application

PureVPN privacy solution secures the entire internet activities and application within one click. It is possible to select the specific application that must be used in the VPN while connecting to the data connection.

Multiple Devices

The user can add up more than two to five devices to your PureVPN account, and the user can log on your mobile devices and computer.


The PureVPN allows the user to stay anonymous and it hides user identity online to protect from the several mischievous elements. The PureVPN services protect the user identity by replacing the IP address with their available IP address in over four hundred servers in the world and also hide your browsing data. It keeps log files of ips you used and times the user connected to the services. The services are entirely anonymous and untraceable.

Fast Streaming Access

PureVPN provides the user with the excellent entertainment with the HDX streaming add-on. The user can enjoy watching videos in online through the Netflix, Skype, Hulu and others with the sixty Mbps speed boost. PureVPN keeps track of the bandwidth and logging information, and it requires the firmware installation.

What Is Purpose Of Using The Vpn And What Are Device Can Use Server ?

VPN service can be used for different things such the gaming, Netflix, Popcorn time, small business, sport , iplayer , torrenting and much more. Then it can support to make use over the different device such the Android, DD-WRT, Linux, MAC, Windows and much more. You can check  vpn in mobile environment and expressvpn review with this PureVPN review for your concern.

Software Interface Of Pure VPN

VPN is pure and secure virtual private network connection, which used with more security at every time. Here is some of the common step to follow to set the VPN. With the support of the dashboard interface, the user need to login with the secure username with the password. It takes inside to the dashboard; there you can find out number of additional option and features to views. Then go to the personalized selection tab and choose the user purpose as well as a key protocol. Next, you can find a splitting tunneling interface, which must be make sure enable and disable. Here the split and other option can used to search for the new application and add to the dashboard. Then you have to views the general setting to make sure that the automatically redial is enable and traffic chart option and other individual setting. Finally, you can find out the various packages to choose right plan to make use.

Advantage of using pure VPN:

  • It provide the unlimited brand with to use in secure manner
  • It provides countless service switches to perform well
  • It provides 99% uptime during the usage
  • It offer the customer service for day and night to clear major doubt
  •  It has more than 80000 and imp address in this networks
  • It has more than 450 services in the 141 countries to make use in the fine manner.
  • It has single click application
  • It offers multiple protocol like 128 bit encryption and 256 encryption
  • It allow to log in more than 5 device at the same time
  • It is user friendly to make use with high speed and fine security
  • It offer the various package with the various price range
  •  It accepts different mode of card to buy the plan
  • It provide the great security support to make use in the fine manner
  •  It is simple to order wish plan via online and make the payment in the faster and secure manner.
  • It offer the yearly plan , monthly plan and much more

Disadvantages of Using Pure VPN:

  • It offer the limited day of money back guarantee
  •  It never provide free trail to use such VPN
  •  It does not support to run the Open VPN protocol
  • It hold the log file of each user and other actions
  •  It offer more than 200 session and deliver max usage limit per day.
  •  The stream server was not connect
  •  IPv6 and web RTC leak the detected
  •  It has connection problem on the selected server


The PureVPN is leading VPN industry, which delivers quality service and various plans to meet the need of the people. It is very simple to see because; the user software is designed with impressive as well as the intuitive. As result it help the center in the greater manner with no risk on it. It is one of the top and great providers in the major countries and it offers solid security for the major people. It has high speed, security, accessibility and quality so most of the people can go with t VPN service from these PureVPN providers. It provides the global coverage which deliver the great support for the client provide the better solution. On the other hand, it can be make use over the Smartphone and Iphone so it will be more comfortable for the client to make use in the fine manner. From the above purevpn review article, the reader can collect huge data regarding the PureVPN which helps to get high speed connection with high security.

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