Total VPN Reviews- Don’t Buy Total VPN Before You Read This Review

VPN is the best security tool when it comes to the process of safety and privacy. It mainly helps in increasing the speed as well as the larger bandwidth over 78 countries. This becomes easier ever when it comes to the public networks at places like airports and other locations. A high variety of VPN apps is available for the Android devices with many features that meet your satisfaction. When the VPN encounter some issues, their network tunnel gets interrupted that leads to application disconnects or session timeouts. The main thing from the VPN is that it diagnoses the problems by pinpoint and resolves the cause for users’ connectivity issues.If you are interested about the total VPN reviews, continue with this article which will be more interesting by knowing the best features.

It offers the better third party services for the best secure connections between the remote users and within the private network. Extranet-based VPN connects LAN to LAN between the multiple companies and provides a lot of services which is uncountable. In this article, we are going to see the details about the VPN which will be more helpful for you to choose the best thing among the others.

Total VPN Reviews

Total VPN is the fresh new UK Company which started out in the year in the latter half of 2015. It gets operated by the Pseudio Ltd DBA who is well equipped for long term business and helps the number of people to get the safe internet access with the fewer restrictions. This is the excellent selling point for the companies services in which you can acquire it for free & permanently through the particular limitations. It is the premium plan which consists of the full package, and the general circumstances for VPN usage are there for VPN. The VPN service provider aims at building its reputations on the solid ground and has the advantage of unlimited bandwidth. If you are interested in checking up the score still now, that can be done through the total VPN reviews.

This VPN is the virtual private network which offers the great features and over the 30 different servers of the famous region around the world. It provides the top of the line protocols and also the military grade encryption. The total VPN reviews software provides a 99.99% of uptime guarantee as well as the security protocols such as PPTP, Open VPN and much more. In the present VPN which covers the aspects of security, services, and type of use. This perfect brand is owned by the endurance international group, Inc., is a corporate family who gets activates in the field of technology and other user related issues.

It is compactable with all the major platforms which include Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. This VPN provides the best pricing options allows you to avail the free version, which can be operated through the VPN account as far as you wish to. Where in the case of a premium plan, allows you to use the unlimited with no particular limitations in a better way. So now you come to know the details about the total VPN, if you are interested to know the features continue with this article, which will make you choose the thing.

Highlights Of Total VPN

Here I will give you the absolute highlights of the Total VPN which makes to know the things better and more.

  • It has the additional fail-safe layer of security against the hackers and other attackers.
  • Then it keeps you private and secret on the internet by hiding your real IP address in better way
  • You will get the ultimate privacy shelter against the surveillance agencies and the other snoopers
  • This network SSL is secured with the 256-bit encryption as well as continually optimizing the network to provide the maximum better speed
  • Then you can also get the top streaming websites blocked in your country
  • Another thing is that you can access to all the latest and exclusive movies unavailable, or I cast it is censored in your country
  • It gives you the ultra-fast streaming speed without any connection delays and buffering
  • The important thing is that you will get the safe browsing as well as away from the people on your network with the automatic Wi-Fi security protection
  • Then it will keep your login details secret and secure in better way on the public network to avoid the exploitation
  • It provides the superb protection against all the cyber theft with the unbeatable security against the hackers and unwanted spammers
  • You will get the easy access to the star sports India, which is the cheapest sports subscription service in the world
  • Then watch the live streaming of all sports events by spoofing your location in perfect manner

I hope from these you come to know the precise details about the total VPN reviews in a better way.

Features Of Total VPN

Here, in the beginning, I would like to give the overall feature availability, and then we will keep them in a concise manner which will be easier to move beyond. By using the Total VPN, you can connect three devices at the same time with the same username and password. It allows the accessibility for every kind of device which includes the Smartphone, laptops, computers, Kindle and many others. Total VPN reviews gives the tough time for giants and has the extensive services in the different regards. Now I am going to explain the features in a detailed manner.

Privacy Protection

This is the first feature we are going to see, which will be more interested in getting the details about it. Privacy Protection is the thing which is more important to be processed by the Total VPN. There are several encryption types available for you to protect your VPN connection with. As I have said that above the speed is not much impressive so we have resorted to working with the least safe but by having the quickest security –PPTP. Other than these things you can use the OpenVPN and L2TP, even though the general impression is the only supercharge upgraded servers which support later too. Total VPN reviews is standard when you come across the word privacy protection. In that most of the companies, they do store some information. Using your personal and account data are kept to have some means of contact as well as the company also logs your connection timestamps and also the authentication information.

To keep the users to be satisfied the Total VPN manage to support a well-encrypted connection which will keep the users IP addresses hidden from the prying eyes.ISP is the one in which they legally bound to register your online activity as well as it keeps your data for a period. In such case, if can’t see your IP address they would not be able to register anything. Regarding governmental agencies, there are so much called defenders of the free internet there who will snoop around the torrents. Then the companies work on online advertisement where the Google is one of them. Overall the services are excellent with the nice connection of protocols. These are the things which you can gain in privacy protection through these total VPN reviews.

Pricing Plans Of Total VPN

Total VPN reviews provides the best pricing plans than the other, where it has the two distinct pricing packages offered by the VPN. The first thing is that is the free version which has no limit on allowing it and allows you to have the free VPN account as long as you wish. The main thing from this is that you can connect the three countries from the one device at a time. The only thing is that it has the limited bandwidth as well as has a data cap. So this is the excellent opportunity to try this better service. The paid plan has the premium qualities of unlimited bandwidth as well as the data traffic. Then the three devices can be linked to the single account and also can get the access to the full country and server roaster as well.

Total VPN reviews s available with the one cost of $12.44, then for the annual duration you will have $6.95/mo price which is 45% off, it is the significant discount. It has the chance to connect the 30 server locations with the unlimited bandwidth and data transfer. You will have the three payment option of Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. This is the simple and pocket-friendly pricing plans without getting into any signup requirements. Then in another case, it has the package of $4.79/month when billed annually and $5.99/month when billed monthly. All the packages offered will be for multiple servers, all supported protocols, grade encryption and much more. It has the supported protocols which include PPTP, Open VPN as well as the lkeV2, which ensures the online premium freedom and safe access for torrents and P2P downloads in a perfect manner. There is no free trial, and the free coupon is available from the providers, where the premium proxy is the better advantage get paid with the version.

OS And Device Support

The OS support for the Total VPN is a bit better than average and also keep in mind that to get the service to work on gaming consoles. Mobile devices are better served with the Android as well as its tablet version. So the total VPN reviews is rapidly developing in the better way, and there is in the process of making their services available on a chrome book. When the windows client tested, that is found to be user-friendly. This interface allows connecting, changing and disconnecting to the servers in one click. Once the windows client is downloaded to the device, username and password are kept secure in the perfect way. In the case of the android app, it allows accessing the on-demand streaming sites from anywhere. Where the premium security and data privacy over the public Wi-Fi condition, it gets protect in perfect condition.

In windows, you will get the simple menu to access quickly, and then the list will appear on the left of the screen from that you can flag anyone as you preferred to connect. I hope from this topic you come to know the details about the OS and device support.

Location And Performance

The total VPN has the servers in 30+ locations, wherein U.S it has the servers in New York, Miami, Atlanta, Los Angles, San Jose and Seattle. In the case of Asia, it has the servers in Mumbai, Tokyo, Singapore, Iceland and Tel Aviv. One important thing is that the VPN free account can be used in only three servers were in Singapore, Amsterdam, and Iceland. For the simultaneous connection which is known as multi-logins, that the free account can connect only to one device at the same time. The main thing in total VPN reviews is that, does not allow torrenting and P2P file sharing. The test gets conducted in the Total VPN by using the different servers, where surprisingly it performed than our expectation as possible. The test gets performed in the weakest server to get the maximum performance as well as the satisfactory results. It has shown the consistent connectivity to the New York server; there we experienced the high ping and bandwidth loss. Total VPN reviews seems to be a one-stop solution for the seamless streaming experience on the unlimited on-demand sites. Like the above I have quickly mentioned, one of the best part that of my experience with that is the speed. But their servers provided by them are an exceptional performance with the minimal loss mainly due to the encryption. While you are singing up to the pricing plan, the page redirects you to get the option for free version first with an email address. Otherwise, the particular setup was a breeze. So I hope, above details will be enough to know the details about the performance and location of the Total VPN.

Security Protocols

Total VPN offers the best security protocols to enhance the user’s option to connect with any security protocols. According to the requirement, it offers PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, and IKEv2. Where all the security protocols are highly secured, and privacy protection, but in the case of PPTP and L2TP are highly recommended for the online streaming videos for the better speed as well as the complete security. Mainly the VPNs are judged with upon their standards of tunneling and data encryption. Although the same thing is provided by the various VPN providers, the connection reliability and consistency are the key factors to be considered while deciding the best VPN service. It offers the mix leading edge military grade data encryption standards with the protocols like PPTP (128-bit encryption keys), L2TP (AES algorithm deploying 256-bit encryption keys), and Open VPN with the 256-bit encryption keys). Total VPN reviews does not offer any native application for the mobile operating systems such as Blackberry.

Mainly the total VPN moves towards the novice users who needs the smooth and straightforward experience without the too much of configuration. This VPN is not as robust as the some of its counterparts in the industry. It does not provide any DNS leak protection for the users, which may cause problems for some users that depends on their level of use. Good news for the users is that the total VPN reviews has stated on its official website of full-fledged smart DNS feature will be released on the official release soon. Speed and reliability.

In the desktop,selects the PPTP as the default protocol connection. The VPN does not give any trouble in buffering HD videos. In case if you like to play the online games with your friends you can do with the full confidence. Since the total VPN is quite capable of handling the load, which is required for the online gaming. However it holds true for the premium version, where the free version of this service is slightly slow, and then it may be slow for gaming online. According to the test conducted by the comparitech, the VPN has outperformed the other VPN services like Express VPN regarding speed which is definitely as a surprise. The real achievement of the company is to maintain the speed when it becomes one of the big players in the VPN industry.

The total VPN offers the unlimited speed and bandwidth for the users that your traffic usage must be within the acceptable limits so the other users can enjoy the services well. Total VPN reviews has received the best reviews from the users, where you will be able to stream the high-quality videos on Netflix. This is the youngest company, which have started to grow in the better manner and tried to increase their features in a better way to satisfy the users.

Customer Support

Total VPN provides the excellent customer support by offering the 24/7 live chat number. It is the important term for all the companies; in that case, it gives the best in that. Just by providing the name and email address, you can start talking with the company representative by clearing the doubts in a better way. If the queries are suggested according to their nature, you will be redirected to the concerned section like technical, billing or sales so on. There exists the FOA which will be more helpful to clear the common doubts that you have. Total VPN reviews customer support has the active presence in the social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as well as through the informative blog which can acquaint the clients in a perfect way. They have the active live chat window which will be more efficient as it is the most direct option to solve your queries faster and better.

Then their website has the essential guides, primary article; tutorials are available regarding the service provided by them in a clear manner. Ticket submission option is one in which you will get cleared better by it takes some time to do the process. Ticketing system helps the users to resolve their detailed issues with the timing response of 24 hours, but it allows the detailed problems with the evidence. It is suitable to get the comprehensive solution for some of the complex query like complex configuration and issues in various platforms. From this, I have explained the details about the customer service provided by them.

Free VPN Trial Without A Credit Card

Total VPN offers the limited feature of trial for those who wish to test the VPN in real time. The free trial can be provided without the requirement of any credit cards. This trial is limited for the three servers, with the speed of 2 MBPS and unlimited data along with the tunneling protocols. The users with the free trial can enjoy perpetually with no other commitments.

  • Total VPN For Windows Client

When the test gets conducted with the total VPN Windows client, it is found to be user-friendly. It is easy to operate and allows the user to connect, change or disconnect the servers with the single click. Users can download this client from the official website after the signing up process. Once the windows client is downloaded, you need to enter the username and password which will go secure.

  • Total VPN For Chrome

As Google Chrome is one of the best browsers available in the market. The popularity lies in the features of sleek layout, easy to use navigation and many handy features. It has the smooth scrolling; exceptional performance will be the excellent choice who wants the superfast browsing and the streaming of media. The total VPN reviews encrypts the entire network of Chrome users while enabling them to access the unlimited blocked sites from anywhere around the world.

Setup Total VPN On Android Manually With PPTP

Here we have the simplified steps to install and setup the Total VPN in your device faster and better.

  • The first thing is to go the settings of your Android device, then tap more after that tap the “VPN.”
  • The next step is to tap the plus icon which will be at the top corner of the screen
  • Then type the name for your VPN connection and enter the server address in the field from the list of servers available on the website
  • Once the Total VPN is created tap it again from the list as well as by entering the credentials as the mail sent to you, which has the details like username and password then tap the connect option to connect
  • Once the connection is made the VPN icon will be displayed on the status bar showing the connection

Finally, you can enjoy the total VPN reviews by having the secure connection in better way

Total VPN Reviews

This VPN gives the better pricing plans with, the better features that you have expected to the extent. This is highly recommended for the users to do their process better. I hope all the above information will be more helpful to get the details about the Total VPN.

Total VPN Mobile Apps

Nowadays, modern have moved into the mobiles in a great way. Total VPN is easy to install and user-friendly which gives the online security even in the public network. In that way here are the features about the total VPN in the Android mobile.

  • It gives the unbeatable security for your devices, iPhone, iPad and much more
  • Has the flawless privacy to keep the snoopers away from your smartphone
  • Have the unlimited streaming with the fastest speed under the high-level security on the devices
  • Then the Automatic Wi-Fi connectivity for the instant from all other unwanted cyber-threats Allows to access the all geo-blocked websites from anywhere in the world
  • The best thing is that it hides your online connectivity by changing the IP address when makes others untraceable over the network
  • Even though there are many features are available, here I am going to explain the most prominent and noticeable features in the Total VPN.

Important Features Of Total VPN Reviews

  • Multi-Login

This is one of the most exciting features as we have come across from above. In a clear way, you will get the three simultaneous connections at a time in through the single account with the premium package provided by the Total VPN. Hence you can use the same username and password on all the three devices that must be within the same country.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the thing essential to remember while choosing the appropriate VPN providers. I hope that you may not know that your ISP keeps the limit on bandwidth. By using the Total VPN, you can get the unlimited bandwidth which is more reliable while you upload and download the files.

  • Zero Monitoring Policy

It is the foremost concern of Total VPN of their valued users. This gives the space to enjoy the online freedom by following Zero monitoring policy.

  • Protection From Cyber Criminals

Once the Total VPN is done on your device, it provides you the automatic Wi-Fi security. The process is that it masks your actual IP address by using the false one so that you can surf safely. Even you can connect to the public Wi-Fi with the peace of mind, where your ISP address won’t be able to monitor your online activities.

  • Unblock Favorite Websites

The Total VPN is capable of avoiding any censorship as well as bypassing the geo-restrictions over the websites. You can also block the most popular websites like Hulu, HBO, iplayer and much more. Finally, you can enjoy the favorite on your favorite website with a single click. These are the most important features that you need to take in concern while choosing the VPN.

  • Payment Methods
  • Total VPN has the two excellent packages and also it provides the ease of payment methods. Presently they offer the four different payment methods where the customers can easily pay irrespective of currency problems. The four payment methods are Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Paypal. Also refer this VyprVPN Review and Hide Me VPN Review along with this total vpn review will usefull for all.



  • It provides the free package offer with the three server locations
  • Most the thing is that it gives you the 30 days money back guarantee to incase of any fault from our side
  • Then gives the excellent service performance
  • As well as vigilant in customer support by 24/7
  • Have the three simultaneous connection options better
  • Then has the bit torrent traffic allowed on many servers
  • Gives the robust and active servers in the main regions of the world that you can’t imagine
  • It is compactable with all the devices and OS
  • Have the dedicated apps for the Android devices, which make you much easier and better
  • Provides the superfast streaming speed
  • Total VPN will not have any log
  • It has the high-end security and privacy protection
  • Has the zero tolerance spam policy as mentioned above in detail
  • Has the 99.99% uptime and gives the free lifetime offer with the limited collection
  • It reduces the speed on free version only
  • There is an auto-renewal of subscription without any prior notice if there is a change in price
  • Gives the option for limited number of servers as well as the limited configuration manuals
  • Currently, it allows only 30 servers


From this total VPN reviews, we honestly say that the service provided by the VPN is high quality and do more on the online freedom. It is the only solution recommended for both the beginners and experts who does not need any maintenance and supports for a broad range of devices. From all these features you can realize the thing in better and perfect way. You can understand all these features only by the experience.  In the case of any doubts feel free to comment them in the discussion to get the clear idea about that.

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