VyprVPN Review : A Personal VyprVPN Review of 2017

Before starting to discuss the VyprVPN review, I am going to discuss about the VPN and VPN protocols, etc.The Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an excellent technique which is used to create an encrypted connection over the network having less security. In other words, we can say that the VPN is mainly designed to provide more secure and encrypted tunnel from which the data transmission takes place between the remote user and the company’s network. The data is being transmitted through the encrypted tunnel so the third parties and hackers can’t access and misuse the confidential information.

VyprVPN Review: Virtual Private Network

The VPN system has various advanced elements which are used to provide security to both the company’s network as well as the remote user’s network. If a particular website is blocked in your country, you can easily access the internet site by changing your IP address through VPN. Now you can start using the blocked website. This is also one of the useful features in VPN.

Different Types Of VPN Protocols

Internet Protocol Security (IP Sec), Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), and Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) are the commonly using protocols in VPN tunnels to provide security and privacy to the data or files.

Golden Frog

The Golden Frog is a Swiss / US global online service provider. This company is grouped with the giganews.com to create the VyprVPN review. The golden frog was started in providing the response to the room 641a, the inflamous room situated in San Francisco. In the San Francisco, usually, the NSA is conducting surveillance on the AT&T’s networks. The virtual private network instead of waiting too much for the government to protect the internet users, our response was found to the Golden frogs to build advanced encryption tools which are helpful for protecting the open and secure Internet experience while respecting the user privacy.

Terms Of Services

This policy describes the golden frog terms and conditions of the usage. If you want to sign up with or use any of the golden frog services, you have to agree to the following terms of this article and also the terms of the other named policies such as herein by reference and to update the changes continuously when the policies of the Golden Frog are changed.

Reasonable Use Policy

The Golden Frog Company desires all the users reasonably access its services. At last, any of the customers provide the unreasonable comments upon the services of the company should be decreased to provide the best possible services to fulfill the needs and requirements of the customers.

Best To Know About Vypr Vpn

Alongside other services, the Vypr VPN services also include the DNS service which is often referred as the VyprDNS. There are numerous servers available in various countries around the world. All these servers are entirely owned by the Golden Frog. The main motto of this is to fulfill the needs and requirements of the customers by providing excellent and 24/7 dedicated services to the users. If you use these service, then you can realize that no one can hack your confidential data and official documents even they are brilliant in hacking technology. The VyprVPN review provides 100% guarantee for their services.

When you start browsing without using personal Virtual Private Network, hackers, and third-party snoops can misuse your emails, IMs, official data and financial transactions, etc. to eradicate all these problems, and uses the most advanced tools in encryption techniques for protecting your data safe and secure. The Vypr VPN encrypts the internet connections on different networks types such as Wi-Fi hotspots, private wired networks, and cellular networks.

Working Method Of The VyprVpn

The Vypr VPN is going an excellent job for their customers, and it protects the customers’ confidential information from the DNS man in the middle attacks. This kind of attack can block your internet access to the online application or particular site by redirecting the customers to various destinations. Attacks of this sort usually happen when you are using the internet from the third party server. Otherwise, this attack can occur when you are in another country there the internet censorship is put into practice. Those countries are Iran, Turkey, China, etc. So this leads to a significant problem to the web users. So many internet users are hesitating to use the internet without the Virtual private network. In such case, this vpn was emerged to overcome all these issues. To protect you from these types of attacks, the VPN allows your data to pass through the encrypted channel so that it can protect you from any of the DNS filtering and attacks. Moreover, these service provider permits you to connect any one of the self-managed Virtual Private Network servers directly. If you do like this, you can easily bypass the limitations of the third party server which are mainly restricting you to access the internet freely.

With the strong support, you can freely enjoy the authentic experience of an open internet anywhere in the world with satisfaction. These is the best Virtual Private Network which supplies the excellent VPN services to the customers at affordable cost. They are providing excellent services across the world, and the Vypr VPN was originally established in the year 2009 by the global Internet provider named the Golden Frog. This organization mainly focuses on providing personal VPN connections to the customers with more than 2, 00,000 IP addresses. Also, the Vypr VPN has more than 700 servers located various countries across the world. Those countries are Europe, South America, Asia, Oceania, North America, etc. For years, the VyprVPN review has the capability to manage its networks and also developing their source codes efficiently. This kind of security process satisfies the customers’ needs and demands as it affords users with the high levels of security and privacy regarding their VPN connections. The most significant advantage of the Vypr VPN is that it provides the safest and secure VPN connection with high speed. But you can’t expect these kinds of services and features in other VPN service providers who outsource their networks. The parent company of the Vypr VPN is Golden Frog which is well known to us because this company delivers the reliable internet service to the users across the world since 1994.

This golden frog organization was started by the Internet veterans who are working a lot to deliver the best services and applications which protect the confidential data and information of the customers by using most advanced encryption methods. The Golden Frog Company is situated in Switzerland that is a country known for its laws and privacy policies. In this review article, our primary goal is to collect comprehensive information about the VyprVPN review and provide it to the users so that they can get the clear idea about the services, pros, and cons of the Vypr VPN. Also, this review helps a lot to these service providers to analyze their drawbacks quickly, and they find a new solution to eradicate those issues. Moreover, this review article will be very useful to upgrade their services to the next level.​

Why Use Vypr DNS

The main motto of using the Vypr DNS is to eradicate the censorship through DNS man in middle attacks or filtering. Also, the Vypr DNS helps to perform zero logging, and provide superior DNS geolocation. The Vypr DNS will never redirect your DNS requests to the page with ads. In this VyprVPN review, you no need to include any app to use Vypr DNS. It automatically connects when you connect your device.

Multiple Encryption Protocols

The Vypr VPN network uses the traditional protocols such as open VPN (160 bit and 256 bit), L2TP (128 bit), and PPTP (256 bit) protocol. I have already discussed these protocols. So you can easily remember about the features of these protocols that the Vypr VPN is using to protect the user’s data. The Vypr VPN has its proprietary encryption protocol named Chameleon (256 bit). The Chameleon technology mixes up with the packet metadata of the 256 bit unmodified open VPN protocol which helps to mask its data from the Deep Packet Inspections (DPI). This kind of technology ensures that all the data can bypass the local filtering which is done to restrict your internet access in your location. But if you buy the basic package, you have to use only the PPTP protocol while you are connecting to the VPN network.

Features Of VyprVpn

  • Self Managed Servers

The Vypr VPN can manage and maintain its servers. But we can’t expect from this from other VPN service providers. This has more than 700 servers which are located in 48 countries across the world. It is one of the most popular VPN service providers so that all the corporate companies mostly preferred this service for privacy and security purpose. The corporate companies are trying a lot to maintain their confidential data from the hackers. After the VyprVPN review came into the picture, they are freely accessing the internet without any hesitation. Moreover, the corporate company employee can access the company’s network even from home. The fact that they manage and own their servers that can’t be verified. If the above statement is true, then this excellent feature can protect the user’s data and information with faster speed. In this Vypr VPN, the encryption techniques are also high, and the speed of the VPN is ultrafast. I think this feature is the main advantage of this VPN. Because of this feature only, mostly all the customers are using this service at affordable cost. Some other VPN service providers use the third party servers, so the data protection is not up to the level. Furthermore, they are not managing the servers, and the encryption techniques are also simple so it is possible that the hackers may hack your information.

  • Vypr DNS – Zero Logging

The Vypr VPN uses its own Vypr DNS, and it doesn’t rely on your ISP or any other third party DNS servers. The Vypr DNS is 100% possessed by the Golden Frog, and this DNS server is developed with the zero logging feature which helps to increase the privacy and protection to the user’s confidential data and to defeat the censorship across the world. On the other hand, we found out the Vypr VPN apps records connection logs. But those connection logs are only utilized for troubleshooting and diagnostic purposes. In this VyprVPN review, there is no logging, no censorship and no third party accessing. So I recommend the customers to prefer this service provider to protect your data completely.

  • Dns Server And How It Affects You

The DNS server is used to translate the hostname into the computer readable IP address only then your computer can communicate with the desired host and connect to the website. The internet users usually rely on their ISP’s DNS servers or the third party DNS. If you use the third party DNS servers, then it often configured to block the websites that you would like to search. Also, it may log a complete record of your internet activity or redirect your requests to pages even if you use the Virtual Private Network.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth And The Server Switches

The Vypr VPN provides excellent service to the customers. Of course, it is true. The VyprVPN review is the trustworthy and 24/7 dedicated service providers. The Vypr VPN provides unlimited bandwidth and server switches to the customers. This helps the users to access the internet at any time and any day. Also, the customers can surf the internet for the whole day without any hesitation if you connect your device to the Vypr VPN. Otherwise, it is not possible as the other service providers are not providing such facilities.

  • Free Dump Truck Online Storage

The Vypr VPN accounts typically come with the free online storage called Dump Truck. With the support of this Dump Truck, you can share or store your confidential files safe and secure. If you save your files in online, you can access it at any time by using your secret password. This is one of the most significant advantages of this VyprVPN review. This feature will be very helpful for the personal users as well as the corporate employees. If he/she is working in the Enterprise Company, but now he/she is out of the station. But unexpectedly he has to send some important files to the higher authority. In such case, the online storage facility will help them to access the file and send it to the more senior official even if you haven’t your official laptop with you. The Vypr VPN provides three different types of Dump Track online storage based on the amount that you need to pay to store your files in it.

    • The customers can store their files up to 10GB in Dump Track if they choose the basic pricing plans.
    • The customers can save their files up to 25GB in Dump Track if they have the pro account.
    • The customers can save their files up to 50GB in Dump Track if they choose the premium pricing plans. But this Vypr VPN had stopped this excellent service at the end of 2015 due to some technical issues.
  • Device Compatibility

The Vypr VPN is mainly designed to be compatible with all types of platforms. This is also one of the most noticeable features of this service provider. The VyprVPN review supports all the devices which run on different operating systems such as iOS, MacOS, Windows, and Android. With the assistance of this user-friendly, it easy to use all applications and also it is very fast and doesn’t interrupt your browsing. The only one minor pitfall of this Vypr VPN is that it does not currently support the devices which run on the Linux operating system. On the other hand, the Linux support is now in beta testing and this service may be available in future. When compare to other VPN service providers, the VyprVPN review provides excellent offers and services to the customers because it allows the customers to connect the multiple devices on their single network. Moreover, the number of devices that you can connect to the network is entirely based on the plans that you are using.

    • If you select the basic plan, you can connect only one extra device to the Vypr VPN network.
    • The Pro plan offers you to connect two additional devices to the Vypr VPN network.
    • Suppose if you select the premium plan, you can connect three other devices to the Vypr VPN network

The VyprVPN review offers you many benefits at very low cost. Also, the employees are ready to service the network if it is not working properly. If you ask any doubts to the employees, they are always willing to clarify your doubts with clear explanation. Mostly they are collecting the cons from their customers only then they can try to solve all these drawbacks and make the service more reliable and satisfying the customers. This is working a lot to innovate more advanced encryption tools to eradicate all the drawbacks and completely free from pitfalls. This motto helps and motivates them to promote the growth of the company and holds first place in providing outstanding services to the customers.

  • Customer Support (24/7/365)

The customer support is available for 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days in a year. This company helps the customers and solves the queries of the users through email and live chat. Also, the Vypr VPN provides the complete user manual to the customers. By using this guide, the users can learn how to use the VyprVPN review, why we are using the VPN, advantages, and disadvantages of Vypr VPN, benefits and features of VPN and much more. The customers can also download this guide from the official site. For downloading the user manual, you no need to pay any charge to service provider. In this guide, they also include what type of errors that you may come across while using the Vypr VPN and also they provide simple and easy steps to solve those mistakes. Moreover, all the Vypr VPN customers and employees are the members in a forum which is started by the Company. This forum is mainly started to contact directly with the customers and ask their requirements to fulfill it as soon as possible and make the users feel jubilant.

  • Risk-free 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

The VyprVPN review offers you the 30 days money back guarantee. If you believe that this service doesn’t satisfy your needs and demands, you can get your money after a month as I am assuring you. But other VPN service providers are not offering these kinds of surety to their service. But the VyprVPN review makes this offer without any hesitation as they are having full confidence with their service. Now you can realize about the services and offers provided by the Vypr VPN.

The VyprVpn Software Interface

This company designs the user-friendly software interface which provides connects or disconnect button. This will help you to know the connection status, and also you will know about the speed of your upload and downloads. Furthermore, you can also see your IP address, the time duration of your connection, which protocol is running now and also the status of the NAT firewall. In this software interface, you can find the little icon which is present at the top right. This icon is provided for the technical settings.

VyprVpn Servers

In this paragraph, I am going to provide information about servers that are located in various countries. This information will be very useful for you when you are moving to another country for your personal as well as your official work. The Golden Frog Company has totally 712 servers that are situated in different countries such as Australia, Belgium, Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Canada, France, Finland, Germany, and Norway. Some other countries are the Netherlands, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Romania, the Philippines, Luxembourg, Spain, South Korea, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, The US, The UK, Switzerland, and Vietnam.

Note: In the United States alone, there are four Vypr VPN servers.

The Golden Frog Company has vast network infrastructure because of their roots in the Usenet industry. They are running the best Usenet services named Giganews. The VyprVPN review service is compatible with any of the platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Also, it allows the customers to choose the server you want and also you can select any protocol that you need to connect with to protect your data from hackers and third parties. When speaking about the protocols of the VPN service providers, the Golden Frog company provides an exciting feature to their customers as they have developed their protocol named Chameleon which is impossible to block by any brilliant mind. But this Vypr VPN also has some other popular protocols such as open VPN, PPTP, and L2TP protocol both 160 and 256 bit. If anyone checks at a deep packet level, it looks like a bog standard HTTPS connection. The Chameleon protocol is the special and unique protocol which is impossible to block even by the Great Wall of China.

VyprVPN Review

The Vypr VPN comes with the built in VyprDNS. If you connect with VPN to your device, the VyprDNS will turn on automatically. These is the best VPN which has lots more features. I suggest the customers and corporate companies start to access this and maintain your confidential documents safer while accessing the internet.

Benefits Of VyprVPN review

Protect You Online Information

  • Mostly the public sectors and other entities can quickly gather your confidential information that you transmit over the internet. Additionally, some of the hackers are also hacking your data and perform illegal activities with your private data. But if you prefer the VyprVPN review, you can use the internet and send any of the details through the internet without any uncertainty. The Vypr VPN provides complete security and privacy to your data from others by using the advanced encryption techniques, and it prevents the data sniffers from retrieving any information that you send and receive online. You can also refer our other reviews such as, Nordvpn Review and Ivacy VPN Review to get more knowledge.

Restores Your Internet Freedom

  • By masking your data transmission, the VyprVPN review prevents the throttling of your internet connection speed. It also prevents any deep packet inspections on your browsing activities and circumvents the firewall restrictions which blocks and limits your access to the internet.

Speed Test Results Of VyprVpn

Here I will provide the median values of the speed test results.

  • The upload speed is 25 Mbps
  • The download speed is 15.95 Mbps
  • The ping time is 84 ms

Here I will provide the speed test results of some countries such as USA, Australia, and Germany.


  • The upload speed is 1.9 Mbps
  • The download speed is 12.74 Mbps


  • The upload speed is 750 Kbps
  • The download speed is 7.63 Mbps


  • The upload speed is 11.73 Mbps
  • The download speed is 17.81 Mbps

VyprVpn Plans And Pricing Overview

The VyprVPN review offers two types of pricing plans to the customers. Each plan has different features. The plans are the basic plan and Premium plan.

Basic Plan

  • For the basic plan, you need to pay 9.95 US dollars per month.
  • It provides unlimited bandwidth and server switches.
  • The Vypr VPN has its own Vypr DNS, and it allows up to three devices to connect at a time with the network.
  • For this basic plan, the Vypr VPN provides only the PPTP protocol.

Premium Plan

  • For the premium plan, you need to pay 12.95 US dollars per month or 6.67 US dollars per month (billed per annum).
  • It provides unlimited bandwidth and server switches.
  • The Vypr VPN has its own Vypr DNS, and it allows up to five devices to connect at a time with the network.
  • It also includes the NAT firewall.
  • For this premium plan, the VyprVPN review provides many familiar protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, Open VPN and Chameleon protocol.

VyprVpn Payments Modes

The customers can pay the amount through any of the following methods such as Show, Master Card, JCB, Paypal, Diners Club, Discover, American Express, Visa Electron, and so on.



  • The Vypr VPN provides unlimited bandwidth and server switches.
  • Also, it offers more than 200,000 IP addresses to the customers and has 700+ servers in 35 countries across the world.
  • It provides multiple protocols and Proprietary Chameleon protocol for pro and premium accounts.
  • This VPN is compatible with all devices having different operating systems.
  • 30 days money back guarantee option is one of the most significant advantages of this VyprVPN review.
  • Also, it has inbuilt Vypr DNS which automatically connects when you connect your device to the Vypr VPN network.
  • Here there is no refund option, and also it keeps Logfiles.
  • The Vypr VPN does not support the Bitcoin.
  • The biggest drawback of this service is that it supports only the PPTP protocol while you are using basic plan.
  • It allows you to connect only up to 5 devices at a time and it depends on the scheme that you are choosing.


The is Vypr VPN one of the fastest growing and leading VPN service providers in the world, and also it is the toughest competitors to all other traditional VPN service providers. This company concentrates more on providing new VPN apps with unique features. This company is the most privacy-minded VPN service provider in the industry.